Today, these three old men are a little competitive with each other and want to form an industrial plan. Yesterday, the preparatory meeting was dominated by Ke Mengchao. However, the personnel and capital base were all ink Shang Tong’s behind-the-scenes planning to do things in the new alliance.

Chapter 54, Examination
If a certain person’s point of view, they may not do such a thing alone, which is somewhat different from their own ideas. For example, Mo Shang Tong may not reorganize the straw sandals gang and set up a marketing cooperative, but it is no problem, but it will not split the whole organization and establish an enterprise group to forge a mafia gang.
Yang Tehong’s means are more feminine, but she can’t see femininity. Before everyone reacts, let the new alliance do the things that should be done first, explain and publicize, mobilize the masses, and educate the people. Otherwise, it will not only take a long time but also increase the resistance.
It must be a little annoying for him to do this, but Yang Lao-tou himself likes to get involved in so many things. Isn’t it uncomfortable to cook some good dishes and drink a little wine at home? No matter what their differences are, they all reached an agreement here in Hua Zhen and recognized the rationality of each other’s practices.
Even if we reach an agreement, it’s still a matter of time. Today, it’s Yang Laotou and Uncle Mo who are United. It’s not surprising that Kefuhua is really good, but Shen Si feels a little embarrassed.
The next afternoon, the low-key and mysterious rich man Feng Zibin took a luxury yacht to the port of Sofia, accompanied by six bodyguards and four hot young blondes in bikinis.
There are many villas and manors along the coast of the south of the Somali River. The high-end resort hotels have beautiful scenery and beautiful environment, and there is a breakwater around the yacht wharf.
Feng Zibin has a strong figure and muscular edges and corners. Wearing a tight-fitting short-sleeved dress, it is very loose. Beach pants are wearing sunglasses and no hats. Hand over the glasses to the bodyguards around him. Four bodyguards and two hot blondes in swimsuits have already boarded the boat first. A girl leaned over and put away a pair of cool skin pads.
When Feng Zibin stepped on the dock, he just wore shoes to greet Huanxiang Industry. The three old men left the manor there. Director Charles brought people to the dock to meet Shen Si. Charles followed the local etiquette and gave a warm hug to the guest.
Charles smiled very long and relaxed, which is the heartless and familiar style of the local people, but his expression was a little stiff and stiff. However, he had seen the biggest person in his life. Today, he took a careful shower and sprayed perfume. He chose a dark blue suit, white shirt and a bright tie for him.
Charles is wearing this kind of clothes for the first time in his life. He tries to make himself look natural, but the pier is too hot and he has already broken out in a sweat. I didn’t expect the other party’s style to be so natural and unrestrained after seeing the wind.
Although Feng Zibin wears sunglasses, Shire is also a little dazed after seeing him because he looks a bit like Hua Zhen. Shire immediately guessed something by himself … This person must be a relative of Hua Zhen’s bank, or else he will go back to Porto, make investment, let Yang Tehong and other old men take charge of the enterprise and make himself a director.
Charles has also made up several stories, and there are various dog blood plots. It is the first time for Director Xia to experience this kind of occasion. It is also the first time that Shen Si has already confessed all kinds of details in advance, and he is with Hua Zhen at the moment.
The road is not far. Mr. President didn’t come to meet the extended luxury car, but the sunny beach walked along the coastline for about one kilometer, and the sea breeze blew. He came to meet the executives and introduced the preparation of Huanxiang Industry. He seemed to nod his head with satisfaction. Just after walking not far away, there were clouds floating in the horizon to cover the hot sunshine, and everyone brought a little coolness.
Charles feels itchy when his feet are wrapped in big leather shoes. He has noticed that ladies are wearing sandals today, while his men’s leather shoes are all with mesh.
This pair of shoes was chosen by Charles himself. No one woke up just now. He would cover his feet, but now he is a little gloating. It must be hard for Lei Dajin to have sand in their shoes, but they all pretend.
It’s not that Shen Si made a plan in advance, but that Hua Zhen made a free play. Hua Zhen knew that the main purpose of today was to make Feng Zibin appear in public, so it would be better to walk across the beach and let the neighbors see the effect from a distance. Besides, Shen Si was a little upset about dressing himself up like this.
Shen Si actually arranged four female fairies on the yacht to design a bunch of details about how to interact and behave in line with people’s design, which made Hua Zhen a little uncomfortable. Just help yourself to wipe the sunscreen … It seems that the Minister Shen is very experienced or wants to see his inexperienced jokes?
Anyway, Yang Laotou said that he would go to Hua Zhen, although he could improvise after doing it according to his own meaning. He took a yacht and decided to walk on the beach once, otherwise he would have to sit in the car and be surrounded by four fairies. That was much more crowded than a yacht.
I also met some people on the beach. Most of the tourists or residents in this area in Hua Zhen are smiling and nodding their heads to show that they are very cultured. Some people take the initiative to greet him, and he also responded in various languages. The manor has already prepared employees to meet the team. After receiving the short notice, they quickly moved from the main entrance to the east gate.
The main entrance of the manor faces south, and the main body is a three-and-a-half-story building. In the center of the fourth floor, there is a hall that can hold a banquet for 50 people or a meeting for 200 people. On both sides of the hall, there is a terrace on the west side of the roof, and there is also a helipad owner’s living suite. On the east side of the third floor, you can see the whole coastline through curved floor-to-ceiling windows.
It’s a building that’s not too big or too high, but it’s equipped with six stairs, two of which can lead to the fourth floor, and two on each side. I don’t know what the original owner’s living habits are. If it’s lazy, there is also a big gym on the second floor with all kinds of equipment.
From the gate to the main building for nearly 100 meters, we have to bypass a green turntable to divide the access lanes. There are tall coconut trees in the green belts around the main building on both sides, and strings of mature and growing coconut trees are hung on the surface.
There are more kinds of palm trees in the manor, and at least five kinds of palm trees are so close to the beach. There is actually a swimming pool behind the main building, which is divided into a swimming area and a swimming area. When designing a changing bath room, we considered entertaining guests. I heard that the owner of the manor also raised two cheetahs and a dozen big dogs, but they were all disposed of after giving them to Rothschild. Now the cage is still there.
On the west side of the main building is a garden, which is a typical western garden style. In the past six months, it has not been taken care of very carefully. Many flowers have died and been removed, but the trees are still
On the east side in front of the main building, there is a long two-story building with an annex building. There are 40 rooms in the building without stairs. If it is slightly modified, it can be used as an office. Considering that it is far from the main city, it is inconvenient to go back and forth, and it is often not safe. It can also be stationed in the staff dormitory of the headquarters.
This annex building and the east courtyard wall also have a long strip of land originally planted with flowers and built trails, two fountains, pools, palm trees on both sides of the trails, and a rest bench with a view of the beach through the iron fence.
How did this place make a fierce quarrel break out between Yang Laotou and Uncle Mo in the grocery store? Uncle Mo wanted to transform this place and keep the fountain, so he didn’t need trees, but he didn’t have to cut chairs and remove them. About 200 times 50 meters of land could be cleared up, and all of them were turned into experimental plots, with almost 15 acres of vegetables.
Yang Lao-tou also wants this land in the east for Uncle Mo to toss about the western garden, and there is a bigger place, but Kefu firmly opposes Uncle Mo moving that garden. Yang Lao-tou is noisy, but they two Uncle Mo still occupy the east, although the area is smaller than the west, but there are private beaches outside.
The three old men of this palm manor have divided the core areas of their respective "spheres of influence", including the main building and the swimming pool cage behind the annex building. It is up to Ke Mengchao to decide how to plan the western-style gardens in the west. Yang Tehong is responsible for the green land in the east of the site, while the beaches outside are classified as Shang Tong.
After the quarrel, the three old men remembered that the manor was really Xiaohua, and then discussed if there were any differences between the manor in the future. For example, Mo Shang Tong wanted Ke Mengchao to raise chickens in the cage in his sphere of influence, but Ke Mengchao refused to agree, so he went to Xiaohua to "arbitrate" and they reached an agreement on this.
When Hua Zhen heard this, he withdrew his knowledge and continued to concentrate on alchemy as if nothing had happened. In this way, he didn’t hear the key words. Ke Mengchao asked again, "What about Xiaohua? Since it is his place, he has to give him the final say. Otherwise, how can he be listened to on the third floor of the main building?"
Uncle Yang Laotou Mo said, "Xiaohua should stay in the grocery store and continue to be a buddy!"
Of course, the buildings in the manor are not only facing the gardens, but also the modern pavilions, western-style domes and other landscapes. In addition, several houses are scattered to take care of the gardeners’ residences and pile up various tools. There are also several houses in the south main entrance and east side entrance of the warehouse, which are equivalent to the reception room or the guard duty room.
There is an open-air shower next to the guard room at the east gate. People come back from playing at the beach to wash the manor. There is a square two-story building at the four corners of the manor, which is also the residence of security personnel. The warehouse is equivalent to a sentry box. You can imagine that the owner of the manor lived in luxury and had a large number of servants.
The original owner gave the manor to Luo Chaide before his family emigrated overseas. How much does it cost to keep the manor running every month? Rothschild hired a few people to take care of the door. It’s the simplest way to take care of himself. If you don’t have to take money in, you might as well just give Xiaohua a personal favor.
Several people hired by Rothschild have now been dismissed and paid accordingly. What they stole from the manor was also chased back by the Shire people.
Today, the boy in the grocery store turned into the sole shareholder behind Huanxiang Industry and the president in front of the stage finally came to inspect the headquarters. Coming from the distant beach, the first thing I saw was the courtyard wall of the sentry box in the corner of the manor. The main body of the courtyard wall was very thick and the end of the high-speed rail fence was pointed, which was difficult to climb over.
Laughing and laughing, "the wind is the guest" is sensitive, and I saw the courtyard wall through the iron fence far away. I can’t help but feel stunned for a moment. Uncle Mo is so quick to move. Has the experimental field been completed? Pieces of fields and ridges are neatly repaired! Three old men only passed less than four days when they quarreled the night after the meeting!
But the seedlings in those vegetable fields … many of them have grown very tall. It’s not like mushrooms after rain! All kinds of things can grow all the year round in the climate conditions of non-Suo Port. General Lei once lamented that the food here grows very fast, but no matter how fast it grows, it is not so exaggerated. I can say one thing-Uncle Mo has already started work.
Look at the pieces of gratifying vegetable fields. After Luo Chaide gave him the manor, Mo Shang Tong Ma called someone to open the "experimental field". At that time, those people hired by Luo Chaide had not left yet. No wonder Uncle Mo insisted on going to this place in the east when quarreling that day. There are not so many people who suffer when Yang Lao suffers.
Chapter 55, the taoyuan
The closer we get, the clearer we can see. Fifteen acres of vegetable fields have planted more than 20 kinds of things. Some plots have been set up to climb vines. Some kinds of Hua Zhenxing haven’t known it yet. All hospitals in this area engage in gardening, but here, the style is different, and all kinds of vegetables are planted!
Hua Zhenxing thinks it’s also quite good. Oriental style. Can you plant it but not let people see it? It’s only a matter of harvesting it! Think about the front and back of the workers’ residence in Dongguo, which is almost a vegetable garden with chickens in it.
Accompanied by Shen Si, he was a little distracted when he saw the trip to Hua Zhen. He said, "I was informed at short notice that you wanted to walk to the beach, and everyone moved here to welcome you."
Director Shen also wants to avoid the welcome team in Hua Zhen. In his opinion, how can Hua Zhenxing avoid such an exercise opportunity? Since he is incarnate, he will hold up all kinds of scenes, but he doesn’t know that Hua Zhen is not looking at people but watching food.
Almost 200 employees from Huanxiang Industrial Headquarters have arrived. At this moment, they lined up outside the east gate to welcome the guests and warmly applauded.
Shire was in a daze. He just talked with the top executives around him. Although it was very hot to wear a western tie, he gradually found the director. It felt that the local natives had mastered the skills of self-invited cooking anyway. At this moment, he heard the clapping, and he didn’t notice that the people who greeted him couldn’t see their noses and mouths clearly because everyone was wearing masks.
This is something you can only see in the hospital. What the hell are you thinking about industry? At this time, all the high-level officials around you have also pulled out masks from their pockets and worn Li Jingzhi. They also specially took out a large bag of masks and distributed them to Xia Feng, who brought bodyguards and female companions to the yacht and left two bodyguards behind. At this moment, there are four bodyguards and four girls behind.
Charles wondered, "What is this?"
Li Jingzhi explained that "protective measures should be paid attention to during the epidemic period, which is stipulated by the company headquarters". It is not good for Charles to ask any more questions, otherwise it will appear that the senior official knows very well that he took the mask and wore Li Jingzhi and personally taught him how to pinch the nose clip.
When everyone else had put on the mask, Li Jingzhi handed the last mask to Feng Zibin. Everyone saw that President Feng waved his hand to show that he didn’t wear it, but Vice President Li insisted and advised several times that Feng Zibin frowned and brought the mask and clapped his hands more warmly.
Whether Hua Zhen is a trip or not, Shire knows what these people wear masks and what is happening in this world, but when he walks into the manor and finds that everyone is wearing masks, he can’t help but feel a little trance, as if he had crossed into another world in an instant, and people are no longer at home.
Since the beginning of last year, a new type of viral influenza broke out in the United States and quickly swept the world. The infection rate and mortality rate of influenza far exceeded that of ordinary influenza. There are many complications, and pneumonia is the most common one, so many countries have ignored the possibility of pneumonia caused by another new pathogen.
It was not until the end of last year that doctors in Dongguo noticed that a group of patients with associated viral pneumonia were infected with a virus that was not known at present. They found and isolated a new virus strain as quickly as possible. This is the world where human beings discovered a new virus, and no one knows its characteristics, but through the investigation and summary of actual cases, the general law of it was quickly summarized.