Chen Yan and Zhang Ji rushed to Butterfly Valley together.

Chen Yangang went to Butterfly Valley to greet Hu Qingniu for a while, but before he came for a cup of tea, many Wulin people came.
They screamed, they groaned, they suffered all kinds of strange injuries, injuries, poisoning and so on.
Zhang Ji panicked and said, "Mr. Chen and Mr. Hu, their injuries are so strange. Why are people so cruel that they suffer so much?"
Hu Qingniu’s face flashed a trace of fear and said, "It’s her, Mr. Chen. I’m sorry that I have to leave quickly or I will die."
Chen Yan said, "Mr. Hu, don’t panic. Since I have encountered this matter, I am sure I can’t ignore Mr. Hu’s safety. I can still guarantee what we should do."
Hu Qingniu nodded and said, "Thank you very much, Mr. Chen."
Zhang Ji said that Chen Yan not only has excellent medical skills, but also can discuss martial arts with his great master. I think his martial arts are extremely high
Zhang Ji asked, "What about those injured people outside Mr. Chen’s house? If we don’t treat them, I’m afraid they won’t last long. "
Chen Yan said, "Don’t follow me and Mr. Hu to study medicine for several months. Although those people outside are seriously injured, I believe you can solve the problem that Mr. Hu is a Chinese teacher. He once vowed not to see a doctor in the right martial arts. Let’s not force him to be good."
Hu Qingniu vowed not to see the doctor in Wulin Zhengdao because of the death of his sister Hu Qingyang.
Chen Yan can’t comment on whether Hu Qingniu’s practice is right or wrong, but he respects Hu Qingniu’s choice.
Zhang Ji nodded, "I’ll give it a try. If I can’t save them, I hope Mr. Chen can speak a little."
Hu Qingniu sat across from Elgin. He looked at the rescue outside the main house and said, "Zhang Ji is very good. It’s not the kui that Yin Baimei’s grandson learned the July 7th medical skill when he was less than a year old."
Chen Yan said, "Zhang Ji is calm, although he is not extremely clever, but he is eager to learn and willing to work hard, which is more important than some cleverness."
Hu Qingniu shook his head and sighed, "It’s a pity that Zhang Ji’s body cold poison is like a tarsal maggot. Neither you nor I can hang his life."
Chen Yan said, "There is hope if you can live, Mr. Hu. It suddenly occurred to me that it is a mistake that we have been suppressing cold poison. If we can integrate cold poison into the body and let his body and blood completely accept cold poison, the problem of cold poison will be solved."
Both Chen Yan and Hu Qingniu were thinking, such as pulling out the cold toxin, and they didn’t consider the physical integration of cold toxin and Zhang Ji. If it can really integrate cold toxin into qi and blood, maybe Zhang Ji can get a "talent magical power" in every cloud has a silver lining.
Hu Qingniu’s eyes lit up and he said with excitement, "Yes, Mr. Chen, you are absolutely right. We can find a way to integrate cold poison into bogey body. If bogey body accepts cold poison, cold poison is no longer cold poison for bogey."
The two men talked about medical ethics and constantly expressed their own views, focusing on how to completely integrate cold toxin into Zhang Ji’s body.
Just as the two men were discussing, there was a series of screams outside.
Those injured Wulin people were killed.
Elwyn, eyebrows a wrinkly.
There’s a great master outside.
"Ahem ….." Cough sounds to "outside Hu Qingniu, this is your brother who treats people in the Wulin right way, isn’t it? You once said that you wouldn’t see a doctor, but you broke your oath today. My mother-in-law Jinhua came to take your life. What do you have to say? "
Hu Qingniu was livid.
Chen Yanxiao said, "It turned out to be the famous golden flower mother-in-law Mr. Hu in the Jianghu. Let’s go out and meet her."
Ulrich and Hu Qingniu walked out of the house.
Golden Flower’s mother-in-law stood on crutches, and there was a teenage girl beside her. If she didn’t guess wrong, this little girl was Zhang Ji’s cousin Yin Li.
Zhang Ji is being caught by Yin Li at the moment.
These wounded people are all dead in Wulin Zhengdao.
Hu Qingniu stared at Jinhua Popo Avenue. "Jinhua Popo, your husband, Mr. Yinye, died with the old lady. What do you want?"
Grandmother Jinhua sneered, "My husband came to Butterfly Valley for help when he was seriously injured, but you refused because he was not a Chinese teacher. But today, you let this young man hurt you and broke your oath. Do you think I will let you live?"
Chen Yan said, "Golden Flower’s mother-in-law misunderstood that it is my meaning to avoid hurting these people. And Mr. Hu, you have hurt these people enough. Why do you want to harm their lives? This is too vicious. "
It is easy for Jinhua’s mother-in-law to look old. Her real age is not big. Maybe she is not as old as Yan Yan.
Mother-in-law Jinhua is the "purple dragon king" who teaches the four major apologetics. Because Han Qianye broke the door and taught them to marry and settle in overseas Lingshe Island, she had a daughter Xiao Zhao.
The death of her husband, Han Qianye, made Jinhua’s mother-in-law resentful, and her character became perverse. It is common for her to kill people without a word.
Golden Flower’s mother-in-law took a contemptuous look at Chen Yan and sneered, "It turns out that there are guests in Hu Qingniu who are talking to Hu Qingniu. Are you here to interrupt?"
Mother-in-law Jinhua sent a golden flower dart to Chen Yan.
She wanted to kill Chen Yan.
Chen Yan looks young and has no trace of practicing martial arts. No wonder Jinhua’s mother-in-law looks down on him.
Yan Yan stretched out his hand and caught the golden flower dart, and then with a flick of his finger, the golden flower dart flew back faster.
The golden flower dart attacked her mother-in-law with a strong roar.
Mother-in-law Jinhua felt a great crisis when her pupils shrank. She stood on crutches and twisted like a snake, just avoiding the dart attack.
Ulrich with a blow will Jinhua mother-in-law got a fright.
Golden Flower Mother-in-law stared at Ulrich’s face and asked with fear, "Good little martial arts. Who are you?"? There is no such thing as you in Wulin. "
Chen Yan said, "Chen Yan is a friend of Mr. Hu’s and came to Butterfly Valley today to discuss medical treatment with Mr. Hu. Why don’t you sell me my martial arts and let Mr. Hu go?"
Golden flower mother-in-law cold way "do you recognize yourself as Wudang Zhang Zhenren? You’re not that big. Hu Qingniu will die today. "
Ulrich sighed and said, "So you and I have to fight this war, just because I lack a maid. If you lose, stay with me and be a maid for ten years."
Golden flower mother-in-law’s eyes flashed with cold light. "Little boastful old woman will be interesting to see if you have any means?" Kill! "
With a cane in her hand, Golden Flower’s mother-in-law pounded Yan Yan alongside of.seem with a thunderous potential, and she played like a winner at first hand.
Chapter 11 Dragon Claw
Mother-in-law Jinhua’s bitter blow was really fierce
General master fighters can temporarily avoid sharp edges.
However, Chen Yan is no ordinary martial arts master. His physical strength has surpassed the master’s peak, but he can draw with Zhang Sanfeng. It is a bit of a trick for Jin Hua’s mother-in-law to want to use force in front of Chen Yan.
Chen Yan punched the crutch.
A loud noise
Mother-in-law Jinhua was knocked back by a powerful fist.
Doing a face of calm to the golden flower mother-in-law took a few steps and said, "Golden flower mother-in-law I keep my word. I want you to win and I want to kill Hu Qingniu. You can do whatever you want, but if you lose, you can rest assured that you will be my maid for ten years."
"Is there any means for you to display your fists, weapons and hidden weapons to your heart’s content? You don’t have any scruples. I’m afraid I’ll hurt your life. I’ll have your heart today."
Jinhua’s mother-in-law is strong-willed and resentful at the words of Yan Yan, but she still wants to attack even though she knows that she is no match for Yan Yan.