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Ji Xinghe didn’t expose Adakang’s words for the same reason that Adakang deliberately said this sentence.

One person and one scarlet have some tacit understanding.
"If you dare to come, I will continue here in three hours."
Adakang frowned. He couldn’t figure out why Bai Ji Xinghe could have such confidence. Even with the strength of qi, his physical fitness reached the level of both human beings and ordinary orangutans.
But what is the concept of fighting for three hours?
There is another one who doesn’t ignore the fact that Ji Xinghe must ensure that his mecha is not damaged during the three-hour wheel war.
Because according to the agreement, he can’t leave this ring for three hours, and he has no time to repair his mecha.
In order to ensure that the mecha is not damaged, it is necessary to make great efforts to consume physical energy and energy.
Is it because this mecha has strong performance?
Adakang can guess like this.
"It’s not worthy to fight you with me," it said stubbornly. "But my pro-guard has some ideas about you. If you are still alive in three hours, maybe I will let my pro-guard kill you …"
As soon as Adakang’s words were exported, it suddenly became silent, because it found that it was inexplicable and believed that Ji Xinghe could survive the three-hour wheel war.
"Don’t talk nonsense if you dare not come."
Ji Xinghe was too lazy and Adakang entered the ring with guns and did not hesitate at the center of the ring.
This also means that he gave up the possibility to speed up the charge distance.
Fall into self-doubt. Adakang took a deep breath and ordered.
The same sound also sounded in many places, and I don’t know how many large and small screens appeared for three hours.
The imperial mecha moved.
Twenty imperial mecha moved at the same time and lined up. Except for the first imperial mecha who was on the edge of the ring, all the imperial mechs marched forward for 100 meters.
And another imperial mecha broke away from the imperial position and appeared 100 meters away from the position.
By this time, 21 imperial mecha had made a gesture of war.
They look neat and tidy, which brings a lot of pressure to many people. Compared with these imperial mecha Xinghe Mecha Independent Corps, it is far away from Ji Xinghe and the number is much less.
But none of them need to move.
This gap means that Ji Xinghe will not have any pressure.
In fact, Ji Xinghe is really under no pressure at all, and there is still some chat.
He hesitated for a while and then went out
"Xingyue, shall I come first?"
Is this very short time in the first imperial mecha has completed the acceleration and rushed to the front ten meters position.
The spear in its hand has been raised and it has been launched without hesitation.
Solemn and standing on the moon and the stars seemed to be influenced by Ji Xinghe’s sudden questions, and only then did he move.
Simply move forward and sideways with one step, and the spear in your hand will stab straight out.
At the same time, the moon and the moon responded to Ji Xinghe’s ear, and her tone was somewhat wronged.
"Master, we agreed."
Before the sound fell, the pike made of tungsten steel and gold had already broken the imperial mecha protective armor and penetrated into the cockpit.
It seems that you can hit the’ fat’ body of the moon and the moon by a mile, but the spear is actually a thousand miles away.
In its charge state, the body, the moon and the moon exert their pike power and continue to rush to the side of the moon and the moon.
It’s like actively cooperating with the moon and the moon to pull out the pike that sank into the cockpit.
The outcome has been divided.
Only five seconds before and after.
No one was surprised by this scene, and no orangutans were surprised.
Ji Xinghe was not surprised. He looked at the second imperial mecha who had rushed into the challenge. He looked at the line of more conventional imperial mecha, and felt the itch of chatting more and more.
He had a dry cough in the face of injustice.
"Is it too long to cough for three hours?"
Xingyue has not been disturbed by Ji Xinghe, which is much easier to play while recovering in the previous battle.
She knew that Ji Xinghe talked about the way
"Master, shall I tell you a story?"
"If you don’t like listening to stories, I can sing you a song."
"I heard that BGM’s bonus to combat effectiveness is limited. If you really talk and don’t want to listen to my story or my singing …"
The moon and the moon hesitated and shot another imperial mecha. When her third imperial mecha rushed to the front, she fired again.
And get up the courage to come out
"Master … will you sing a song for me?"
Chapter 392 The Duke is a worm
Ji Xinghe didn’t sing to Xingyue, but many people suddenly had some lyrics in their minds.
Look at the stars, one, two, three, four connected in a line …
Twinkling star is full of little stars …
The stars light up my future and a little light warms people’s hearts …
All the lyrics that come to people’s minds are not related to the stars, and there are Venus all over the place in their sight.