"What’s the problem?" King Zhennan’s face smiled as if all the imperial mecha who had just been broken were like it. It asked, "What, this mecha doesn’t have a red star, not even Venus?"

As the town south king asked it just behind the dark screen appeared that federal mecha front, side, back photo surface is really not a star.
This is indeed a problem, but it seems to have nothing to do with this negotiation.
Ivanovich’s attitude is very tough. "I don’t think this is a problem. Do you need me to wake you up? Is it the fact that your imperial baron is driving your prince armor but pretending to be an earl armor?"
Town south king scolded a table in the heart.
"So you let your federal ace mecha pretend to be a recruit?" King Zhennan’s tone is high. "I don’t think this is good news for our ongoing negotiations. If we can’t be honest, I don’t think we need to talk about it. We are better at pretending to be recruits than you."
This is a fact
Because of the system reasons, even if the Venus system and the Red Star system are cancelled, it is difficult to modify the appearance of the mecha. The empire not only has no system in this respect, but also has more resources for manufacturing mecha than the Federation. Even if tens of thousands of mechs were annihilated by the Federation before, they can still do what King Zhennan said.
Ivanovich listened to the ear and frowned slightly.
"I repeat, this is not a problem, because driving that mecha is a recruit, and her rank is private."
Town south king face smile even more mocking.
"Are you kidding? Then I can tell you that this joke is not funny. This level of mecha is classified according to your level, and it is also a national level mecha. How can it be handed over to a recruit to drive and the mecha has the rank of private? Ivanovich, you are not honest. It is better to change someone else. "
So obvious goad Ivanovich can hear it himself even without a staff team.
King Zhennan wants to know the identity of the mecha driver, and he may have guessed it, hoping to get a confirmation.
Although it’s not clear why the King of the South Town is like this, Ivanovich is not prepared to say it, because as far as he has just got the news, this federal scholar-class mecha, which was transformed from the Imperial Prince A, is very strong in driving it, and it is even stronger and more worth looking forward to.
As commander in chief, he won’t mind the embarrassment Ji Xinghe gave him.
"I’m not kidding. She’s a recruit. Today is her first time driving a mecha to war. If you want to entangle this kind of problem, then we really don’t talk about it. Let’s continue to fight."
This threat is meaningless.
Ivanovich didn’t want to lose the initiative. He stared at the king of Zhennan and calmly said a more powerful threat.
"One day, Ji Xinghe will appear in the Mountain of the Gods with his independent regiment, and we will try our best to cooperate with his true mountain campaign."
King Zhennan’s eyes have changed a little. When the federal staff team analyzed it, he leaned forward slightly and stared at the camera.
"Ji Rong Xin Yue?"
Ivanovic burst out laughing as if he had heard the funniest joke.
"Do you know the horse RongXinYue? Ha ha ha … Do you know how old she is this year? "
King Zhennan also kept smiling.
"I do know that according to your federal algorithm, she is eleven years old this year, but she is Ji Xinghe’s granddaughter. It is as strange as I have blood. What is so strange about her being Ji Rongxinyue?"
This kind of separation is of course meaningless. Ivanovich reiterated that "our Federation is not like your empire at the age of eleven, and the law stipulates that it is not allowed to join the army."
Town south king slightly thoughtfully and then in front of the federal negotiating team.
"Look where the federal mecha went. Send more troops at all costs. This negotiation … has stopped."
The federal negotiating team suddenly panicked.
It’s not for anyone else. Rong Xinyue is the granddaughter of Ji Xinghe. Her victory in the first battle deserves the federal cheers, and it’s a prehistoric case of breaking 67 imperial mecha in World War I. What about her victory in the first battle?
When she has enough spare capacity, she should continue to participate in the war and win the prehistoric example, which will bring greater morale to the Federation. At this time, it is not in the interest of the Federation to say that it is crazy for the empire to send more troops or to let Ji Rongxin leave the battlefield for a month.
The former will make Ji Xinghe angry, and the latter will make the Federation criticize them, which is really not in the interest of the Federation.
What should we do?
Before he could come up with a coping strategy, the king of Zhenbei got up and looked like he was going to end the negotiations immediately. The orangutans and monkeys of the imperial negotiating team were also eager to leave.
So Ji Xinghe’s ear rang with the negotiating team’s urgent inquiry.
"General Ji, what’s your opinion?"
"Don’t tell the Empire now."
"Yes, we will respect your opinion, but please immediately inform Ji Rongxinyue to stop carrying out the support war."
"The support war will not stop"
However, Nanwang of Imperial Town did say that it would send more troops at all costs. General Ji Rong Xinyue is not only your granddaughter but also our most talented mecha at present. We can’t let Ji Rong Xinyue take such risks.