No wonder Xie Zhenxuan said so sharply in front of her every day that she was old. It turned out that she had met two more tender and beautiful beauties!

He really wants to choose a princess!
Wan Fei’s eyes flashed a lot of emotions, but her eyes stopped at Gu’s face.
What a beauty! The outline of Wan Fei thought for a while before suddenly remembering that it was the same as the incident that broke her Xie Zhenxuan a few years ago.
Some panic stopped her feet. She smiled and gnashed her teeth. "Is it really a jade girl who is as beautiful as a general beauty? I wonder which girl it is?"
When I was caught, I panicked and was taken away without asking anything.
Xianfei smiled. "The daughter of Dingyuan Hou Fushi is so beautiful that I can’t love it."
Gu Boqi has been sealed.
Is the family background so good? ! Wan Fei was even more hit, and Lian Xiao couldn’t laugh.
Xie Zhenxuan was not a long-term lover when he came, and now he is not the same as before. He always complains that he is not as beautiful and amorous feelings as before.
I heard from him the day before yesterday that he wanted to choose a concubine, but I still don’t believe it. Now it seems that if he were himself, he would like to marry these two peerless beauties and go home immediately.
Her heart was frustrated, and she had been hit by Gu Man and seen Xie Zhenxuan. She couldn’t help but lose her good looks when facing them. She sneered, "The two girls are so beautiful."
Gu Yan Gu Man couldn’t help blushing.
Xianfei empress coughed a positive color way "sister said! Miss Gu is the grandfather of the world’s first daughter, but Wang Boyong’s family knowledge is first-class! "
The implication is that it is much better than!
Wan Fei’s uncomfortable tone in her heart can’t help but be sharp. Now she realizes that she did something wrong and said something wrong. She can’t help frowning and frowning. She bowed her head and picked up a cherry to eat and then asked, "How old are the two sisters?"
Sister? None of them are here to be your sisters.
Xianfei glanced at her and didn’t answer.
Gu Man took the baggage and take the journey: "My daughter is thirteen this year."
Gu Yan is also busy saying, "I am twelve this year."
Cardamom shoots in early February. What a good age.
What on earth brought you into the palace? Is it just hanging yourself in front of Wan Fei so that she can see her position and keep her distance from the Six Emperors?
This is unnecessary. Gu Man clearly remembers the new emperor’s hobbies.
He seems to have a soft spot for his father and women, and after he ascended the throne, he actually sealed two former concubines as Zhao Yi.
It’s ridiculous and generous. Many officials want to bump into him.
Even if he marries a new wife, he will not give up this hobby.
Gu Man scoffed at me, but she began to think of a virtuous princess.
It’s obvious that Xianfei can’t get away from Xie Zhenxuan when she calls herself into the palace.
Xie Zhenxuan is also old enough to choose a concubine soon, and she may even want to make a king a vassal.
And he is absolutely don’t want to fall into his hands.
Wan Fei reluctantly nodded and exchanged pleasantries with Xian Fei and left dejectedly.
Chapter one hundred and seventy Determined to win
When Wan Fei left, Xian Fei gently asked the sisters some words and asked them to talk about family affairs.
Gu Man’s heart is naturally reluctant to drum up her words when she avoids the virtuous princess empress and the six emperors. Most of the time, she just smiles and listens to Gu Yan.
Gu Yan is good at eloquence, picking up novelty and interesting things, and sometimes even listening to the modern words.
In the mind, the door is clear and full, but it also follows the virtuous princess to show a surprised expression to listen to the sample.
Xianfei Empress is somewhat disdainful of Gu Man in her heart. Originally, she was so beautiful, but in fact, she was an idiot. She couldn’t even speak. From the moment she entered the door, she added up to less than ten sentences. What can she do if she married home like a mute? It’s a pity that Gu Yan, this girl, has a glib tongue and is clever in everything. She was born as an ordinary girl, but she didn’t become a grandfather when she was recorded, otherwise Xiao Liu would be her.
Think of the six emperors’ confession, and the fairy princess’s eyes suddenly flashed toward Gu Yan and laughed. "Speaking of Xifu Haitang coming to the imperial garden, there are several plants that are very well planted. Eleven might as well go and see if you can bring some branches back to the palace to insert bottles later."
Gu Yan is not stupid. Naturally, I know that Xianfei’s sentence means to hold her heart apart. It’s embarrassing, but she doesn’t show anything in her face and goes out happily.
It’s really a good material to know how to advance and retreat, and Xianfei secretly nodded again.
Gu Man is wary of knowing that Xianfei Empress will hold Gu Yan and even start testing herself.
Sure enough, when Gu Yan went out of the door, Empress Xianfei leaned back lazily and raised her eyebrows at Gu Man and asked, "Xiao Jiu, I heard that you are very good with Xiao Liu?"
What do you mean, being good with Xiao Liu?
But it’s not good to talk to that six emperors for a dime?
I also took out my ranking and called it very close to myself. I hung my head and my eyes, and my disdain was hidden in long eyelashes. I gently shook my head and smiled. "I dare not be a six-emperor. I dare not be a noble minister."
Why are you not interested in Xiao Liu? The condition of a virtuous princess since the Six Emperors should make all women flock to her. I didn’t expect Gu Man to change the subject so gently and skillfully, so I couldn’t help but look at her for a while.
Probably want to refuse to welcome, Xianfei exquisite Ba slightly raised her eyes and asked Gu Man, "The emperor told does that choosing a concubine for the emperors should be clear and white, virtuous and virtuous. What’s the highs and lows?" Xiao Jiu stressed that the palace asked you to come today just to ask if you are still full of yi, our junior six? "
Said it was already so white!
Gu Man’s heart gives birth to Xie Zhenxuan more than boredom. What do you mean, full yi is dissatisfied with yi Xiao Liu? Does that mean that yi is Xie Zhenxuan no matter whether he is full or not?
That’s funny. Empress Xianfei automatically substituted herself into Xie Zhenxuan’s mother. So he thought what medicine Xie Zhenxuan had given her!
Xianfei waited less than her answer. Chunshoubao put the cup on the table and made a crisp’ thunk’ and then laughed. "What does Xiao Jiu do so seriously? What’s so shy about this? Full yi means full yi, dissatisfied yi means dissatisfied yi. Just tell me, can I still eat you? "
Isn’t it just a mouth test now? Cann’t eat it. I can’t wait to swallow myself whole, can I
Gu Man blinked and looked up at Xianfei Empress with a nervous look. "Then I can call a spade a spade."
Xianfei empress nodded her head.
"There is nothing full of dissatisfaction with yi." The pear vortex on Gu Man’s lips and cheeks shows that "I dare not climb the Six Emperors."
I can’t even say a euphemism, and the princess doesn’t like her more and more. Plus, she is so outspoken and refuses, but I don’t know what to say at the moment.
After a pause, Xianfei said, "I think Xiao Jiu doesn’t like our little six very much. Have we offended you in our little six?"
Acceptable to raise a woman with her husband, luanlun, how strong a woman’s heart should be. Gu Man didn’t like the virtuous princess and added a layer of contempt, so he shook his head and said, "I dare not."
Going back and forth is this sentence. Xianfei can’t help but raise an eyebrow.
I can see that Gu Man is perfunctory and I can see that Gu Man really doesn’t like Xie Zhenxuan.
Xianfei wants to be angry, but she doesn’t know how to be angry. Calling her here this time is to test her mind, but she pretends not to understand and says back and forth that it is not good for her to continue to ask questions.
The temple was silent, and it seemed that I didn’t see the ugly face of Xianfei.
With the virtuous princess empress and the six emperors, she is really not even in the mood to cope.
Xie Zhenxuan’s eyes are clear to her, but her appearance is supported by Wang Boyong behind her.
She doesn’t want to be married off as a strange commodity like I did, and she doesn’t want to be abandoned after losing her profit value. The feeling of being abandoned is really terrible, and she can foresee that marrying Six Queens Yard must be abandoned again.
He is a seriously suspicious patient. He killed so many heroes in a pit, and even Wang Boyong was imprisoned and destroyed. Living with him by the three families is simply standing on the tip of the knife with his head.
Gu Man can’t do it. Now she has a deep hostility to all men with ulterior motives.
After a long silence, Empress Xianfei saw that Gu Man was still sitting still, and somehow she was stuck in a panic and smiled. "Why don’t we just go to the imperial garden and look for your eleven?"
Go to the imperial garden? I’m afraid I’ll take myself to meet Xie Zhenxuan, right? Gu was full of knowledge, but still smiled and nodded, got up and went out with Xianfei.
Pei Qin’s paintings were brought out by the ladies-in-waiting and followed her again at the moment