Although these two women are not the same in appearance and flame, their clothes and hair color are very tall, their figure and the strong fire elements around their bodies are simply flames!

Ji Dong stopped, and his body trembled uncontrollably. He didn’t expect his luck to be so good, and he really came directly to Huolian Castle by choosing at random.
Flame, this is your people! Ji’s temptation is unstoppable, and her crazy thoughts are surging. Although these two women are not as perfect as the flame Yan, seeing them, Ji Dong is like seeing the flame when he first met the inner world. His calm mood is almost uncontrollable.
A cold little hand gently took Ji Dong’s fist, and it was fresh and full of life, so it quietly flowed into her hands, which made him agitate and calm down slightly after the earthquake.
When I turned my head to look, Chen Sixuan didn’t know when he had come to him. A small hand emerged from the protective crystal rock and held his hand. He also injected his own extreme ebony magic into himself.
You know, in doing so, she probably consumed her own magic power, but she did it anyway. Ji Dong looked at Chen Sixuan and looked at the hidden ferocious mask that looked like a flaming woman not far ahead, and she couldn’t help but reveal complex light in her eyes.
Xuan Si, why should you be so kind to me? If I knew you first, I’m afraid my feelings for you would never be less than that of the flame. Being generous to me made me know the flame and you first, but it was unfair to you that made you love me.
The soul handed Chen Sixuan a signal that he had no problem. Chen Sixuan didn’t pester anything and quietly withdrew his hand. There was no unnecessary fluctuation in the natural soul, just like doing the most insignificant thing, but the more it was, the more it touched Ji’s heart.
Take a deep breath. Ji Dong has already left the past. There is no doubt that the first two people guarding the city gate are the fire lotus clansmen. Facing Ji Dong, they didn’t stop. They were curious. They looked at Ji Dong’s armor. Now that they can pass the fifteenth floor, they can prove that these people’s identities are natural and they don’t need to stop. Ji Dong can clearly feel that the two fire lotus clansmen are equal to the tenth order of Warcraft or the nine crown magic masters.
In the human world, if someone tells them to let two strong men guard the door, who will believe it? However, this is the case with Huolian Castle in the inner world.
According to the news before Ji Dong, among the three powerful tribes in the inner world, the number of fire lotus is the least, but in terms of average combat capability, they are the strongest, such as the fire inferno and the ordinary people of the fire spirit family, or they are about nine orders. When they were born, they probably had the strength of order. Only this fire lotus family was as high as ten orders from birth. If it was not for the slow reproduction and awakening of the fire lotus family, I am afraid that the whole inner world would have been ruled by them. Of course, when the former fire was still alive, the fire lotus family could be said to be the royal family of the inner world.
Heaven-dried saints walked into Huolian Castle one after another. They were surprised to see that the streets were lined with shops on both sides of the streets, just like in human cities. However, the things traded here were completely different from those in the human world. After entering the castle, the temperature dropped a little, but it was also different from that when they first entered the fifteenth floor. The temperature of this castle was as high as 100 degrees, and it was as hot as the boiling point of water. This was caused by the construction of these firestones.
Ji Dong felt a quiver, and he almost immediately thought of the origin of these shops. It is obvious that when the flame didn’t know him, he went to the human world and brought it back when he came back. I am afraid that only the fire lotus family in the three castles has such streets.
The fact makes Ji Dong guess that Huolian Castle is correct. It is not only the territory of Huolian nationality, but also the highest trading place in the whole inner world. The transactions here are all kinds of treasures in the inner world.
Is passing by three shops Ji Dong saw a shop in front of a piece of SPAR that he was familiar with to make core elders token SPAR.
That spar has a red crystal stone table with a strong fire element smell.
"Wait for me, everyone." Ji Dong strode into the shop and waited outside for the saints.
Ji Dong walked into the shop, which was very big, but there were not many things in it. Ji Dong saw all kinds of red spar at a glance, almost all of which he wanted, but judging from the smell of color and fire element, there was a difference in quality.
The darker the color, the better the spar quality.
"What do you want to buy?" Cold and sweet sound. When I heard this sound, Ji Dong suddenly heard her own voices and suddenly turned around to see a woman coming in from the side door.
Seeing this woman Ji Dong, she felt as if her breathing was about to stop, because this woman looks like a flame in seven points, and there are some subtle differences between the flames, and her temperament is much colder than the flames.
She’s not a flame. She’s not a flame. Ji Dong shouted desperately to himself. He was afraid that he could not help but rush to hug her.
The woman in the red dress looked at Ji Dong and frowned. "Which family are you? If you keep staring at me, I will kill you."
She really wasn’t a flame, and a strong disappointment flooded into Ji Dong’s heart. Just now, when the woman in red frowned, she looked different from the flame. Although it was also very moving, she lacked the gentle charm and majesty when she looked at herself.
The woman in red saw Ji Dong still gawk there after listening to his words. Her eyes looked at her forehead for a moment, and suddenly there was a Shaqi foot, and the lotus steps moved lightly. It was almost a flash of her figure that she came to the front of Ji Dong and slapped her chest lightly to the chest position of Ji Dong.
Ji Dong’s dull eyes suddenly reappeared, watching the woman in red clap her hands to her chest like spring onions. He didn’t dodge.
There was no sound, and the female right palm had already branded Ji Dong’s chest. For a moment, Ji Dong flew out like a shell and slammed the solid wall behind him.
The wall hardness far exceeds the material in Ji Dong’s understanding. He branded it half a foot, but the wall was not half broken. Chapter five hundred and thirty-three Red Yan conditions.
The magic of the earth is more powerful than the extreme yang fire, which forcibly broke through the armor of the holy king of Ji Dong Shenhuo and flooded into other bodies, raging wildly.
Ji Dong stuffy hum a hand chest Zhang Di poof a puff of hot air makes the whole shop temperature soared to five hundred degrees.
"Ji Dong, are you all right?" Chen Sixuan’s soul sounded in Ji Dong’s mind almost immediately. Ji Dong immediately replied to her, "Don’t worry, I’m all right. I’m doing some shopping."
With Ji Dong’s response, the saints didn’t rush in when they heard the sound outside.
The beautiful eyes of the woman in red exuded some surprise. Looking at Ji Dong, she was a little more curious. She frowned and said, "Who are you?" I don’t know what kind of people are in front of me, but since they can be slapped hard by themselves and look unharmed, the inner world is by no means a celebrity. Why should he be slapped hard instead of resisting his own attacks?
Ji Dong really didn’t get hurt. His holy physique is too tough, and just now, the woman in red attacked with confidence and didn’t go hard, but even so, he took a deep breath and suffered a few shocks to his insides.
He did bear this palm on purpose for a simple reason. He wanted to shatter his heartache. When he saw such a person who looked like a flame, he immediately realized that when she was not a flame, Ji was tempted as if she had been pierced by Wan Jian. He would rather bear the female palm attack to make himself feel a little ill about her, and at the same time, he used physical pain to temporarily break away from the yearning for the flame.
"see no evil, I’m sorry I was rude just now. It’s also right to be slapped by you." Ji Dong reluctantly turned his head away from seeing this woman and expressed his meaning through soul fluctuations
After listening to his words, the female eyebrow official in red stretched a little and nodded to Ji Dong. "Do you know how to be polite? What do you want from me?"
Ji Dong said, "I just saw you put the ore in front of the door. If I am not mistaken, this ore is exactly the same as the core elder token. Can you tell me what kind of ore it is?"