Seeing so many "deserters" like himself, Little Jack relaxed, and finally everyone led Little Jack to express his abilities.

It seems that all blood awakens have different talent abilities. Generally, Little Jack’s transfiguration is not magic, but it is closer to Druid’s transfiguration, but the details are different. Druid’s transfiguration can’t be renamed as its own small creatures, except for bears, leopards, wolves and eagles, there are also some special talents that Druid can become other creatures.
Little Jack’s transfiguration needs that little Jack devours the demon crystal and blood of Warcraft, and then it can change. The only limitation is that the humanoid state can bear the energy, but now he can become a kind of Warcraft-rainbow parrot, a second-order attribute of Warcraft. Everyone has repeatedly asked little Jack to show his magical transfiguration on the spot.
There is no dazzling light effect. A hazy purple light package appears again. In front of you is a lovely rainbow parrot with colorful feathers.
There is also a story that little Jack was naughty when he was a child. His father had a beautiful rainbow parrot, and when he lost his adult’s note, he felt abandoned, so he was jealous of the rainbow parrot. Finally, one day, he planned that he stole the rainbow parrot and was going to eat it. But obviously, he was very unsuccessful in this respect. He heard his father calling him to be in a hurry before he cooked it. The uncooked parrot was forced into his mouth and swallowed it. As a result, as soon as he saw his father, he felt severe pain in his abdomen, and a child passed out.
When I woke up, I saw my father sitting on the bed and looking at him. Surprisingly, my father didn’t pursue him for stealing the rainbow parrot, but let him have a good rest. When he woke up that night, he dreamed that he had turned into the parrot that he had eaten, and he could fly around the house. That’s right. He was frightened. One was that the parrot undead came to avenge him. One accidentally hit the roof beam and fell to the ground, only to find that he was not dreaming, but actually turned into a rainbow parrot.
He hurried to find his father. It turned out that his father had known for a long time, and he told a secret of his family. Their Lancer family is a family with abandoned blood. Many awakening members have this transformation ability, and all of them have been hidden. Since then, he has become less talkative and rarely contacted his peers.
Almost all of his time, it makes him become the so-called best learner in a hundred years. Lancer’s younger brother is already famous when he is underage. This name often makes him escape death because almost all the nobles in the imperial city know that little Jack’s age is not the same as his cousins. They are underage in this catastrophe, but no one notes that they are also sent to exile because of their popularity.
However, these people didn’t want to let little Jack go like this. They have hinted that his nobles don’t want to buy little Jack. According to the regulations, if he is not sold for one year, he will be degraded. If he is not sold for three years, he will be banished. By that time, little Jack will be an adult, and I am afraid he will not live for a week in the border forces.
After listening to little Jack’s overflowing love, the girls couldn’t help comforting him. At this time, little Jack was very strong and didn’t have much sadness. He didn’t know that this performance made the two female prosecutors like him more and more.
At this time, Hao Ren’s heart was laughing and transforming! According to Little Jack’s introduction, you should be able to withstand the magic crystal energy in a humanoid state, and you can turn into this kind of Warcraft Hao Ren ring, but even the super black dragon has great ability. Although it seems that it is not powerful now, its potential is not lower than others’ talent. Cultivate it well!
"Little Jack, how many magic crystals can you bear in your human form?"
After thinking for a while, Little Jack replied, "I haven’t had this talent since that time, and I haven’t swallowed the magic crystal and the blood of Warcraft. I don’t know how many levels I can bear now, but it was ten years ago, and now I am an adult, so I think I should be promoted."
Since you don’t know it yourself, there is an experiment. Little Jack doesn’t know that there is someone, right? He equated with the little white mouse on the earth. At this time, Hao Ren remembered that there were two bodies in his ring that were secretly put away when the dragon and the wolf clashed, and they have not been studied yet.
However, it’s really inconvenient in the hotel to take out a bag of gold coins from the ring, about 500 yuan, and throw it to little Jack so that he can rent a single-family house for experiments and find some drawing objects. He wants to make some experimental tools.
Little Jack left, and it wasn’t long before Fat Judd and Justin came and sent two invitations, one for the auction and the other for the resplendent late arrival.
The efficiency of these two people is really high. Neither Fat Judd nor Baron Justin knows that Hao Ren kept stopping at Hao Ren’s shoulder at the same time. The black eagle-shaped Warcraft disappeared and where did he go?
The answer is that the last two conversations in the shadow of the auction house wall were broadcast live to Hao Ren by the best spy black classmate of the century.
There’s no reason not to eat resplendent and magnificent food. Just by listening to the name, I know it’s a good place. I looked back at my followers behind me, especially Qiang Sen Hao Renma Justin, and observed a small moment of silence.
Little Jack really deserves the best housekeeper. It didn’t take long for Hao Ren to get a small house in a remote house, but he didn’t rent it, but bought it and brought it back. Hao Ren needed drawing tools, sheepskin drawing, ink pen and ink, and so on. Sometimes Hao Renma began to draw himself and needed various tools.
After an afternoon’s hard work, Hao Ren finally finished his own drawings. Although there are not many auxiliary tools, several years of physical exercise and strong spirit have enabled Hao Ren to grasp the distance, and even his hands can draw circles as good as compasses.
As soon as the sun went down, two decorated luxury carriages stopped at the entrance of Hao Ren’s hotel. Hao Ren thought that the genius was just dark. You are really in a hurry. Tell your followers to put all their weapons in their rings, wear leather armor and Hao Ren split into two cars and ran to the golden splendor.
By the way, I heard that someone invited me to a big dinner last night, and everyone didn’t eat at noon.
Chapter 44 resplendent and magnificent 35 words
The splendor is not the name of this hotel, but the nobles of the imperial capital nicknamed it. The whole building of this hotel is an important part of gold, which makes the history of such a large empire very rare. It is estimated that it will cost tens of millions of gold coins to decorate this splendid hotel alone, and the annual tax revenue of Ariet Empire is more than 50 million gold coins, but Ariet Empire is one of the five empires in mainland China.
When the carriage stopped, Hao Ren and his party habitually observed the surrounding environment. Gloria and Qiang Sen naturally came in front of Hao Ren and scanned around. The first thing to do when going to a new place was to observe and find out the locations where the attacks could be hidden. There was also a need to keep a retreat route for themselves. Hao Ren never relaxed about this point, whether it was a revenge trip or a life from here. He also dyed this habit to his followers.
Almost every inch of Di Chin’s most prosperous area is resplendent and magnificent, and a square of nearly one hectare can be built. It can be seen that the strength looks very luxurious, and the carriage is not so conspicuous here, because there are many more luxurious or luxurious carriages parked around it than Hao Ren.
As soon as the attendant led him across the square and entered the door, he saw where Judd was already waiting. His iconic figure was fat, and he didn’t see it for a long time. Hao Ren also pulled the corners of his mouth for the first time and gave him a smile. However, being fat may be the angle problem. Fat was blinded by Hao Ren’s small white teeth.
Turn left and turn right. They came to the door of a box to see how familiar they are with the terrain here. I’m afraid Hao Ren came many times, followed by Gloria and Qiang Sen, and little Jack Huahua and little Austria left outside.
Hao Ren hasn’t attended the so-called aristocratic banquet in China, which is as spacious as Mount Tai when he just entered the human society. Except Justin’s accident, there is a row of very beautiful women. What kind of dance should be singing and dancing? So obviously, no one cares too much about what kind of dance they are wearing, so they know that the dance body is not important.
Suddenly, Hao Ren felt a cold chill behind him. Hao Ren’s spirit clearly perceived that Gloria’s hand was hidden in Qiang Sen without wearing heavy armor. Her eyes stared at Qiang Sen’s face and asked Qiang Sen to dare to look at those cool girls.
Hao Ren thought of a famous book on the earth, which seemed to be called Les Miserables. Poor Qiang Sen Gloria was like a banyan tree. If Qiang Sen has her, don’t think about what he has planted. Banyan trees have the ability to grow from one tree to another.
To say that Comrade Qiang Sen’s thought is really hard. I don’t have a look over there. Finally, Gloria was satisfied and withdrew her hand and eyes. She was very proud and left the cool girls over there like a victorious general, but what Qiang Sen’s head was so sweaty!
I didn’t give Hao Ren the chance to continue exploring. Justin came over with enthusiasm, reserved, smiling, decent, luxurious and well dressed. The aristocratic etiquette was not equal to the painting of that dude in the afternoon.
Today’s dishes are all here, and the dishes are very "characteristic" regardless of the price. What kind of purple eel must be Trend Snowbird’s tongue, pig’s face, bat’s wings, etc. Almost every kind is unheard of by Hao Ren, and there are many strange dishes, which makes Hao Ren even wonder what to do.
Fortunately, with little Jack around, he is absolutely handy to see that Hao Renduo’s dishes are unfamiliar. He leaned slightly to the table and gestured to the seat for a threesome. After a while, he picked up a knife and fork and some tools that Hao Ren still didn’t come out to make. He was skilled, quick and elegant in decomposing all kinds of food. What do you mean, knowing how to cook cattle and how to use it with ease? Little Jack is just a little girl whose hands turned into undefended beauty. He wanted to take every dish to make delicious essence and put it in Hao Ren’s plate and sent it to Hao Ren.
At this moment, even Hao Ren’s mind felt a little proud. Little Jack’s performance-like exercise made him very envious of such an excellent housekeeper and the Lancer family, and the Lancer family now has only one male left, and dare to be such a housekeeper, the whole imperial city may also have this one.
Although the ingredients are a little strange, it tastes good. Hao Ren has not eaten such food for a long time. He eats it very well. The best thing is that he heard that the price of this meal is better. He quickly eliminated the food on the plate. Hao Ren picked up the glass and took a sip. Little Jack quickly removed the knife and fork from the plate. Hao Ren replaced it with wine and delicate fruit platter.
Hao Ren eats fast. When he finished eating, he ate half of the table. In this respect, Hao Ren is very characteristic of some soldiers. Eating in pieces is just to replenish energy. The taste is critical. In the three years of soft snow revenge, Hao Ren has hardly had a serious meal. Many times, he prepares nutrient solution to replenish energy himself.
The protagonist of this meal is Hao Renxian, who put a knife and fork. That fat man and Justin deserve to stop their knives and forks, especially Fat Judd, who looks at the removed plate with a sad face.
Justin raised his glass and said, "Dear Master Wilson, are you satisfied with this meal?"
Hao Ren, who raised his glass, said, "It’s delicious. Thank you for your hospitality. I haven’t eaten such delicious food for a long time. I think I should propose a toast to you. Of course, it’s a great honor to have dinner with Baron Judd."
Yao Yao held up a glass and Hao Ren took a sip of this rare fruit wine brewed from the fruit of a magical plant. This glass of wine is a signal. Just say what you want to say. Don’t say it. I have to go.
Obviously, two people who know the wine table can’t understand Hao Ren’s meaning.
Justin asked, "Master Wilson has been practicing for a long time, right?"
How many years have you been away from home? Yes, it has been several years since you left the earth in an instant.
Justin then said, "I don’t know how Ge feels about the Imperial City."