"That … it seems as if the elder brother of the source ran to ten thousand meters first, so you can look at the screen for timing." Zhai Yingying said weakly in front.

They smell speech quickly toward the screen that two sets of data to see the past.
At Xie Xiaofeng’s track, the time record is 9:45 seconds, which is what he fell when he ran to 10,000 meters from the back, and at the other side of Mo Tianyuan’s track, the time record was …
It’s 9:44 seconds!
"What’s the matter? Didn’t Mo Tianyuan just hang up ten thousand meters ago? How is it possible to reach 10,000 meters one second earlier than Brother Feng? " At the moment, the faces of all the people present are full of questions, and they obviously feel very puzzled by this result.
Listen to Xie Xiaofeng explained with a wry smile, "Tianyuan just fell into the fault ten thousand meters ago because he jumped in on purpose."
"intentionally jump in?" They still didn’t want to understand what was going on.
"Yes, I don’t know if you know that the Purple Winged Dragon actually has a’ ultimate sprint’ skill, which means that if you accidentally hang up on the track when you are making the Purple Winged Dragon, you will sprint for a distance after death, and the sprint will only take a few seconds after it starts and hangs up …" Xie Xiaofeng continued to explain.
"But the ultimate sprint speed is to eat the sprint props quickly on the track. It doesn’t make any difference. It may be shorter if it is not, but the final sprint of the last 200 meters can still be rushed. At that time, the last 200 meters I was running at a normal speed, far from being faster than the final sprint. I didn’t have the time required for Tianyuan to enter the 10,000 meters."
Xie Xiaofeng said a word and they couldn’t help but open their mouths in surprise.
Who would have thought that the ultimate sprint could affect the outcome of the game as a child? But this man named Mo Tianyuan not only thought of this, but also defeated the first person in the country with this skill!
Hehe, he finally sprinted out of the last 200-meter track, and he could think of such a way …
Looking at the young man who stood up slowly in front of him, everyone felt a sigh rising from the bottom of my heart. This sigh is not only for his strength, but also for his last witty choice!
Even Xie Xiaofeng, the great god, didn’t expect skills to be thought of by him. Is this still a person? This …
"It’s polite of you" came to Xie Xiaofeng Mo Tianyuan smiled and said.
How long has it been since this feeling of playing together?
Xie Xiaofeng seems to look like Mo Tianyuan’s skill is sighing heavily at the moment. His shoulder wry smile way: "It’s really impossible to beat you this freak at any time."
Mo Tianyuan ha ha a smile and said, "There are not many people who can praise you as the first master of the Wind Shadow Club …"
"There are not many people who can beat me, but you are one of them." Xie Xiaofeng said.
At this time, Zhai Ying said weakly, "Just now I saw that you could hide the missile without bowing your head on the track. What is this situation?"
Although I have been practicing cool running for a long time, Zhai Ying has racked her brains for this problem.
When I heard Zhai Ying’s question, many people looked up in the backcourt. Obviously, for them, Mo Tianyuan and his wife didn’t even think about it when they were in Taiwan just now. There is a route between the missile and the ground when they don’t mount missiles. If it doesn’t slip, it is absolutely impossible to pass.
But just now, the two men did it in front, which made their hearts full of confusion. However, out of their faith in the great god, they didn’t want to believe that this reason was because they hung up. Besides, how nb plug-in would it take to make two people do the same thing on the track?
Chapter 327 The enemy head
For Zhai Ying, Mo Tianyuan thought about this problem, but he was puzzled. He said, "You said that this problem was discovered when I violently practiced my hands."
"I remember gliding in the middle of the track at that time, but at this time, a missile came in front of me and the surface was a fault, so I couldn’t glide loosely to avoid the missile or I would die in the pit, but what surprised me at that time was that the missile went through my uncle Bird’s head but didn’t knock off the shield, so I tried it several times and found this skill."
"Later, after the purple wing dragon line, this skill seems to be more obvious in the dragon body. In many cases, missiles and monsters pass through the dragon head, but they can’t do any harm. I think this reason may be because the dragon and uncle bird have smaller heads. What do you think of this?"
Mo Tianyuan turned to ask Xie Xiaofeng, one of his top professional athletes, who must have studied this aspect more deeply, and he was able to completely match his running process just now, which proves that he also mastered this skill.
Mo Tianyuan said that Xie Xiaofeng couldn’t help nodding and laughing. "Yes, this skill was discovered very early in the professional circle, but I didn’t know what the reason was. At first, there was a bug in the game, and later it was discovered that it was just an individual mount with this skill. At present, it seems that Uncle Bird and Shenlong have it, but it is certain that this mount has great advantages compared with other mounts …"
"First of all, when passing missiles or some other obstacles, this mount can ensure that it is not touched by obstacles to the maximum extent, and it has a strong life-saving ability;"
"Secondly, this kind of mount can avoid mistakes to a great extent. We know that the later we run, the more difficult it will be to meet on the track. But if we make this kind of mount, we don’t need to squat and hide when passing missiles on the track, just like the two of us just now."
"Moreover, because you don’t squat in many places, you can avoid the accidental touch of skills to a certain extent after the skills are cooled down. After all, it is easy to accidentally start skills when you press the left and right hands."
Xie Xiaofeng words say that finish is a bunch of people such as Zhaiying heard one leng one leng.
Well, a master is a master. Even explaining someone who hasn’t finished his hair skills is so eloquent …
After hearing his words, those players who don’t have the dragon and uncle bird can’t help but have a little expectation. When you go back, you must buy a mount like this and try to see if he said so!
Mo Tianyuan joked that "what you said is quite detailed"
"The fact of occupation is not a long skill when I discovered it. Why don’t you name a mount like this?" Xie Xiaofeng laughed
Smell speech MoTianYuan one leng said, "if sure that I am not this kind of mount name? Haha! "
"Well, since this kind of mounts have one thing in common, they can all be hit in the head by missiles on some specific sections, but they are safe and sound, so it’s better to call them …’ enemy heads’!" Mo Tianyuan wanted to think and said
Xie Xiaofeng hesitated for a moment and said, "The enemy head? Head of the enemy … Head of the enemy … Good name! I’ll call it this later. I’ll announce it when I get back to the sea! "
"Lie trough! Really? That’s nice. "
At noon, Mo Tianyuan said good morning to his parents and put the lunch place in his home. Xie Xiaofeng shouted together that Liu Xintong, Zhang Shaotian and Yang Zhai Ying, a group of six people, were at the competition site in Hua Mao Mall. They went to Mo Tianyuan’s hometown and Shi Qi said that they needed to return to the club to report their achievements to Miss Xia, so they didn’t go with Mo Tianyuan.
In Xingcheng Club, a group of people came over, and so on. They all went back to Xingcheng with a full face of nai. Before leaving, they looked at the warm smiling faces of Tiancheng, and they didn’t forget their hearts. They reluctantly said a sentence and agreed to go to Xingcheng to recruit new people.
Mo and Zhang Menghe also seem to welcome this group of people to attack, which makes Mo Tianyuan feel very surprised that Zhang Shaotian has converged a lot. Mo Tianyuan is secretly worried that he will drink too much and pull his father to be brothers. This sad reminder picture has not yet appeared.
But what makes Mo Tianyuan somewhat puzzled is Liu Xintong. Xiao Ni looks very shy after meeting her mother. Her little face is red and looks like a cherry after the rain, which is particularly fascinating. However, it seems that her fascination has not attracted anyone else except her mother. Well, Mo Tianyuan admits that she has paid more attention to her, although she has been getting along with her almost every day for more than a year, which greatly exceeds the sum of her family in the next few years.
Mo Tianyuan sometimes thinks that there are many people who can get along with each other longer than their parents. Many parents accompanied them for the first ten years and built a rest harbor in the next few decades. However, it is really hard to say that this harbor can come back and stop several times in a year.
People who stay in an environment for a long time will have dependence or habit, but this habit power is huge, and it will be cultivated slowly over the years. Once it suddenly changes one day, they will feel that the law will adapt. Even in school, they will shout and look forward to getting out of the cage every day. Senior three students will feel very uncomfortable and really uncomfortable when they write the graduation day on the classroom blackboard before the college entrance examination.
If it were the right person, it would be even less. Now Mo Tianyuan feels that if one day the little deskmate shares words with himself, he will find it difficult to adapt to it. He doesn’t know what it is like to know that he only treated her as a deskmate before, but now he can’t even distinguish himself.
He even refused an invitation from a girl whose face was more cute than Moe Meow and whose face was more shy than the Queen when he was sitting in the class a few days ago, and he made a choice without seeing the murderous eyes of the little deskmate.
He refused to speak sharply, which made the sister paper secretly shake her head and sigh that I was blind and complete.
"I already have my own food. You can go to other pigs to arch …"
It is said that the concept of the enemy’s head originated from the small roots of the party, and the great god is so coquettish that everyone can understand and admire it at will.
Chapter 32 You are brothers.
Tiancheng landscape Mo Tianyuan really can’t find any beautiful place, but he and Xie Xiaofeng lamented that the years are fleeting and the years are short. Finally, they had to take him to a cheap place in the city, which made Mo Tianyuan feel a little embarrassed. I haven’t touched several parkour online games in black Internet cafes for a long time.
Before leaving, Xie Xiaofeng said, "If one day you and Xiaojun and Sun Yue are going to reorganize the team, don’t forget to leave a place for me."
"You are in good condition now. Wouldn’t that mean giving up a lot of things?" Mo Tianyuan shook his head for this unwise choice.
"Ha ha those are my work …"
Xie Xiaofeng looks very free and easy. "But you are my brothers."
Fengqi club training base
"You said … Xie Xiaofeng, the wind shadow club in today’s competition, also went?" In the middle of the club hall, the leather sofa is lying lazily, and the girl in black picks her eyebrows after hearing this message from Shi Qi in front of her.