Li’s momentum suddenly changed, and the nine-day golden dragon protector went towards the tiger.

"Hey!" "Ang!"
Huxiao Longyin’s discoloration of heaven and earth naturally solved the problem that Li was defeated, and the dragon shadow turned into emptiness, and Li was injured and fell to the ground.
The tiger’s momentum remains unchanged and it still goes straight to Li She.
"beast!" Zhang Xiu dashed with a big gun.
"Sou" one by one, the light arrow has been inserted in front of the tiger and stopped the tiger’s footsteps. Zhang Xiu took the opportunity to stand in front of the tiger and inclined the gun point to lie on the ground behind Li’s alarm.
Unlike before, the tiger’s body is no longer overbearing, but murderous. The murderous look is surrounded by fierce behavior. A pair of big eyes are like red lanterns staring at Li She who fell to the ground.
"get out!" Sun Ce tearing people sink to this side.
Aggressive murder shows everything, pointing directly at Li She.
Cheng Pu, Han Dang followed behind and general Ling Cao took care of them. It can be said that these people have represented the strongest fighting power in Jiangdong now.
"hey!" Gan Ning spit out his mouth and was still dripping blood, so he rushed over with a sword. "I said that no one can step into this circle!"
Just now, Gan Ning was digging out the green bristlegrass, but he was distracted and let a tiger in. Gan Ning was very angry.
Sun Ce’s footsteps are firm and he doesn’t even look at Gan Ning
Although Li was seriously injured, he was very happy in his heart.
The hand is still warm, and the heart really tells Li She that she has avenged Wang Rui. There is another thing that Li She never expected.
Just now, the tiger threatened Li She’s potential to explode, but in a short moment, she sensed a breath, a breath of heaven and earth, and Li She didn’t know what it was, so let’s just call it aura.
Looking at the color and shadow, but lingering around the body, I feel nothing, and I can’t touch it when I breathe.
Although most of them are stubborn and run out, there are still a few who stay here and are absorbed by Li She, exercising the five internal organs and strengthening the six internal organs.
Then it was condensed in Dantian and transformed into Dantian. After that, it was absorbed by Li She again. After walking around Li She, it was silent in Dantian.
Moreover, Li She also has an illusion that these reiki can go to the place with her own mind and think of it. Li She immediately pulls her mind to control the reiki, and the reiki really follows Li She’s thoughts.
Li Shexi slowly led Reiki to his arms. When his arms and Sun Jian were fighting, they were already red and swollen and bruised.
Like ants biting on their arms, it hurts a little and itches a little, but it is more surprising that this aura is slowly repairing the injured body, although it is slow, it is better than nothing.
This reiki breath called by Li She is naturally what Guo Jia said. Li She actually broke through the most difficult thing in a fog. When she stepped into the virtual soul, she could be energetic and protective, and she could also be released outside.
Lucky Li she turned her head and saw that Zhang Xiu was blocking a white-spotted tiger in front of her. She wondered where a tiger came from in the battlefield. Look at the ferocity just now or a refined tiger. Is this the tiger Sun Jianshen Jiangdong? Is this the tiger Sun Jianti and Sun Jian a tiger essence?
Even Li She couldn’t help smiling at the thought of this. It’s not a journey to the West, and Sun Jian is not Xue Rengui.
Say that Xue Rengui is a white tiger and every body is a tiger.
Looking into the distance, there is a naked guy staring at him with hatred. There are still several people behind him who have seen Han Dang and Cheng Pu, both of whom have seen Dong Ji. Another person just saw Ling Cao not long ago and immediately guessed that this person’s identity must be Jiangdong bully Sun Ce.
It’s also natural to avenge the death of the old son. Li Shexin’s heart is a pity that the winner is still unknown
"How dare you mock me!" Gan Ning drank a lot of dancers’ broadswords and killed Sun Ce.
Han Dang stopped. "Your opponent is me!"
Han Dang is also an expert in playing with knives, and it is hard for Gan Ning broadsword to be belligerent.
"You dare to stop me!" Gan Ning slashed Han Dang and retreated repeatedly.
Han Dang hurriedly put away his contempt and knew that the young man’s fighting power was never quite lamenting in his own mind. What happened to the young man now? How is he getting worse than a pervert?
However, Han Dang is not afraid of Gan Ning. After all, he is experienced in Gan Ning. Although it is impossible to defeat Gan Ning, it is always possible to raise a knife and block Gan Ning’s way. "Little shit, I told you that your opponent is me!"
"Noisy!" Ganning broadsword hacked Han Dang in a hurry.
Rao, Han Dang is still struggling to resist me. Han Dang is also a famous Dao in Jiangdong. If you can’t even stop this little doll, you will be ashamed to stay in Jiangdong.
Sun Ce didn’t even look at the battle in Han Dang and Sun Ce. His eyes were already filled with anger. The only one left was lying on the ground looking at himself. He killed my father. I’m going to cut him alive!
The light arrow was shot by Sun Ce, and he shouted "Cheng Pu!"
Cheng Pu knew that the iron-ridged snake spear dragged his injured leg to a young man in a tiger skin and leopard suit. "It’s nothing to stab someone in the back. We have the ability to compete!"
"As you wish," Li Zhuang smiled and greeted Cheng Pu, just like a forest savage who found prey.
The breath erupts, and the bow shadow emerges. Cheng Pu is surprised that it is a true soul. The heart of the strong is uncertain.
On the other hand, Ling Cao said to Sun Ce in a hurry, "Young Master Cheng is injured. I’m afraid it’s not this person who will help me!"
Sun Ce still didn’t respond to Ling Cao. When Sun Ce was about to run by default, he was stopped by a teenager and chuckled, "Where is the general going? Your opponent is me."
"You?" Ling Cao chuckled contemptuously, showing that "the gas is thin and the strength is unstable. If I am not mistaken, you should be the lowest in the virtual soul."
Huang Xu laughed and dispersed. "I am enough to deal with a Reservoir Dogs!"
Almost at the same time, Cheng Pu and Li Zhuang met with Huang Xu and Ling Cao.
Although Li Zhuang is a virtual soul, it’s a pity that he can play with bows and arrows, and other weapons can’t put bows and arrows. It’s really hard to fight head-on.
You can wave the bow as a stick, but it’s a good thing and you’re not afraid of being broken.
Look at Cheng Pu, although he hasn’t reached the virtual soul, but playing with his own iron-backed snake spear, which is called a handy one, instead of suppressing the fact that Li Zhuang is injured in his calf in the virtual soul. This state of fear will not last long, and it will inevitably change as time goes by.
It is much simpler to fight against Huang Xu and Ling Cao. Ling Cao looks down on Huang Xu, but he is not strong enough to add the right hand injury. It can be said that the two are evenly matched.
Sun Ce slowly set foot on it, step by step, slowly speeding up and getting faster and faster. "Ho!" The tiger howled, moved the square, the tiger and the king kong gun, and waved wildly, "Those who stop me die!"
"Hum! Dare and I have a field for guns, and that is death! " The wonderful comparison between two guns and two generals can not be enjoyed by others.
Fortunately, Guo Jiajian came running all the time, pulling Li involved in the fighting between the two men, which was not hurt by the aftermath of the two men’s fighting.
"Where have you been in filial piety? Why can’t I see you every time?"
Guo Jia gasped, "I just blessed the soldiers with the effect of’ Legacy Skill’, but I didn’t know it was so fierce here."