Don’t think about anything, as if breathing were about to stop. Huang Yin-li started to walk quickly to the floor!

Perhaps it is because he is too worried that he loses his usual calm.
Yu Dang Huang Yin Li looked at the hall full of people at the corner of the stairs and immediately felt like a joke!
Almost everyone in the eye lobby is sitting together, even the restaurant gate is not open!
Although the line of sight is not bright, the sunshine drifting into the lobby along the gap between the window and the gate is enough for everyone to turn their eyes to the corner of the stairs when they hear the sound.
Stealing people first is always watching the scene of bustle, and it’s never too much to burn the yin Xuan.
With a smile on his face, I heard him look at Huang Yin-li and say, "Yo, Huang Tai is finally up?"
Burn three-dimensional xuan so obviously with a light mocking tone instantly let burn three-dimensional glass face a fiercely and then inch by inch open eyelids slowly looked at the lobby all!
At this time, the lobby seats have been restored, while Su Ling and Huang Lao are sitting on one side, Shinohara Snow and Louzhan are sitting opposite them, and Yu Huang Yin Xuan is sitting next to Huang Lao.
Perhaps it was the moment when Shinohara Snow and Lou Zhan looked at the burn-in-glass at the same time, which made him unhappy. The burn-in-glass also walked the steps directly regardless of whether he was disheveled or not, and never looked at the burn-in-the-dark.
When he calmly arranged his clothes and sat alone, he looked at Huang Lao and asked, "What happened last night?"
Wen Huang’s third child’s eyes flashed slightly and the knife-shaped eyebrows gently evoked a playful arc and asked, "Don’t you remember?"
Huang Yin-li suddenly frowned in an unhappy tone. "Remember that the palace still asks you?"
See this burn old lip angle ponder smile seems to be more deep for a few minutes and always low head Su Ling but at this time slowly lift eyes glanced at burn three-dimensional glass and then looked at the present face after different shinohara snow eyebrow said "brother, where did you go last night? Have you drunk too much? "
Eye Su Ling suddenly found that burn three-dimensional glass seems not so annoying!
She was so eager for Huang Yin-li to tell her that he was also unconscious after drinking five fans and three ways!
So she doesn’t feel so guilty! Anyway, everyone was drunk, so you can’t blame her for not coming forward when something happened!
The problem is that she didn’t expect an accident last night before drinking!
Up to now, Bi Rao’s girl is still asleep in her room and she is still confused about everything!
What the hell! Burn old refused to tell her the truth about how many female assassins were caught!
Then this afternoon, Ji didn’t talk to her much!
She’s a drunk. What’s the matter with her? What a loss!
Su Ling kept condescending in her heart, but when she heard some expectant tone asking about Huang Yin’s glass, her cold line of sight instantly plunged into her thin body and micro-sipped, which seemed extremely unpleasant!
This situation Su Ling some can’t stand it!
"Burn old what are you looking at? I told you I was drunk. Who are you showing a zombie face to now? I’ll drink. What’s the matter? If I can live this day, I’ll leave if I can’t! "
Su Ling’s small temper suddenly made my heart fidgety and started to get mad at the old burn!
It’s because of Shinohara’s snow that she’s been worried about it these days. It’s hard to drown her sorrows in wine once, but it depends on the old man’s smelly face!
She hasn’t settled accounts with him yet!
What did this son of a bitch do last night when she was drunk? She really doesn’t know!
On hearing Su Ling’s rude words, others immediately shut up!
Even burn three-dimensional glass eyes are carrying evil light, thinking about how to solve Su Ling when burn old fruit is heard.
"Well said makes sense! The second king will drink with you! "
All "…"
Master Huang, you, Ying SHEN WOO, have become obedient and loyal dogs after meeting Su Ling!
I don’t know who gave himself a written pledge to fulfill a military order last night, saying that Su Ling must stop drinking!
At that time, it was not that Su Ling didn’t know how to advance and retreat when she heard Huang Laosan’s soft words. She suddenly secretly stared at him and then looked at Shinohara Snow and said, "Shinohara Snow, go on talking. What happened last night!"
This is the second watch updated today!
Zhang Erjiu, your daughter-in-law has a fate!
"Shinohara, you keep talking. What happened last night?"
Words fall Su Ling then see Shinohara snow eyes significantly confused.