All the elders of Haoran Sect must protect their strength and remove each other. A stone hill has just arrived, and the master still doesn’t know when it will arrive. At this time, the guardian mountain array has lost its place and can minimize the loss as far as possible!

"Get out of Haoranzong!" Thousands of noble disciples embraced each other, and suddenly Yunmen’s brother was in a scuffle.
At that time, thousands of immortals shook the ground in the dark and shocked Fiona Fang and Wan Li!
Then a group of younger brothers came from the direction of quenching Shen Jian and joined the battle.
The first of these brothers is Shao Yingnan, who has already recovered from his injuries, and his strength has grown by leaps and bounds for ten years, making him another dark horse, Rowe!
As they joined in, the situation suddenly reversed, and Yunmen brothers suffered heavy casualties. Lien Chan, Lien Chan and Lien Chan even retreated after just ten breaths, but they were suppressed and retreated more than a thousand miles away!
"Hum, this group of worthless people were beaten so miserable by the Haoranzong garbage in the district?" It won’t be long before you see the younger brothers of Yunmen, and the stone hill will be destroyed. I can’t see it anymore, and I swear.
"Look at the old moment and let the fly ash be equal!" Shi Gang suddenly waved his hatchet toward the battlefield, which was a split force!
This axe went to cover the sky, and the scarlet axe light came crashing out, not only the noble brothers, but also the cloud brothers!
"Stop it! Shigang, are you crazy? Even your brother Yunmen won’t let go? " From the dust and others before I face a change hurriedly jump up to stop the axe power.
"Hum those wastes? If you die, you will die. Keep your words! " The grimace of a grin at Shigang turned out to be another backhand axe. The light from the dust and others also blew a blow!
"This is the fairy? What a terrible power! " From the dust and others a surprised hurriedly at the same time to break up this axe light, but it is too late to try to save the younger brother in the door!
"Shit!" Everyone made an anxious roar.
"Boom!" At this moment, a strange flame suddenly fell from the sky and blocked the light before the axe of Haoran Zong and Yunmendi!
"The flame burns the sky!" With a high drink, the axe light exploded and completely dissipated!
"What? So it solved my blow from Kun’s evil axe? What person? " Shi Gang looked at one leng.
"What from kun evil axe to chop wood? Dare to take out this kind of garbage and make a fool of yourself? " Xiao Fan echoed in the lazy voice and immediately a flash flashed across the awning Xiao Fan figure appeared in front of everyone!
"Bah! How can you be a master when you’re old? You’re just a little fish, and you dare to talk to me like this? " You see Xiao Fan after a few eye Shi Gang spat out a way
"Isn’t it a little miscellaneous fish?" Xiao Fan smiled and immediately looked at Shao Yingnan and Luo Wei and others. "Are you all right?"
"It’s okay … but you should be careful that this guy is worse than the elder of Cloud Gate, and he is not inferior to Fan Zhong!" Shao Yingnan quickly woke up and said, "And the axe in his hand is poor in power!"
"Big Elder Yunmen?" Xiao Fan picked his eyebrows. "If I can kill Fan Zhong, so can I tidy up his fairy? Who has no fairy in his hand? "
Said Xiao Fan patted the palm of your hand and the soul of Yin and Yang roared out!
With Xiao Fan’s promotion, the soul of Yin and Yang, the true fairy, has also been upgraded again. At this time, it is the limit of fairy wares!
Chapter 546 Show power
"Nonsense Xiao Fan you root is not his opponent and his goal is your autumn mau elders have told you, isn’t it? Then what are you doing here? Hurry back to the quenching valley! " Zuo you said hurriedly shouted
"Don’t worry, although I am an honorary elder of Haoran Sect, how do you say Haoran Sect is kind to me? I’m Haoran Sect. Do you want me to be a little puss-head when this disaster comes? Sorry, I can’t do such a thing! " Xiao Fan eye dew said firmly.
"But …" Zuo You just wanted to say something. A wave of his hand from the dust stopped him. "Don’t say anything about Xiao Fan’s personality. I have long known that it is difficult to change such a temperament once a decision is made!"
"And he can kill Fan Zhong at the quasi-immortal level. It can be seen that there is no need to worry about the top secret and powerful means!"
"It’s also the younger brother of Jiuyang Xianjun, and it’s impossible to be a crazy fool who overreaches himself?" Another elder nods
"But … the stone hillock is not low and there are fairy hand …" Zuoyou is still very worried.
"Let’s just see!" Li Chen rubbed his hands and said, "Everyone, elders, get ready. Once Xiao Fan finds danger, protect him at all costs!"
"Yes!" All the elders of Haoran Sect should say
Xiao Fan is facing Shi Gang in the sky.
"oh? Your name is Xiao Fan? Are you the brother of Jiuyang Xianjun? " Shi Gang’s face flashed a shock. He didn’t expect Xiao Fan to be trapped, but he also became cautious. After all, it is said that Fan Zhong is the dead Xiao Fan’s hand!
"It’s Xiao Fan who doesn’t change his name or name!" Xiao Fan light said
"So that’s it. I dare to talk to the old man in such a big tone when I say a mere fairy. If it were you … I do have this qualification!" Shi Gang nodded. "But … although offending the old man is dead, the first order is to take you alive. I advise you to give in and suffer the mental and physical pain!"
"If you have something to do, just come. I’m too lazy to talk too much to scum like you!" Xiao Fan hook finger provocative way
"Smelly little dare to talk to the old man like this, you are still the first one. Even if the old man can’t kill you, he will smash your bones!" Shigang smell anger leaps waving from Kun evil axe towards Xiao Fan to kill!
"I’ll leave the broken axe of the soul of Yin and Yang to you. Can you handle it?" Xiao Fan sound to Yin and Yang soul way
"Don’t worry, although the master is a fairy, the quality level is too different. Just give me the garbage axe that is not the same level as me!" Yin and Yang soul disdain said
"good!" Xiao Fan corners of the mouth a pick raise my hand to offer the soul of Yin and Yang!
"oh? You have a fairy? Hum, but such a broken sword still wants to compete with my evil axe from Kun? Go, Li Kun’s evil axe will smash that broken sword to pieces! " Shigang also threw the double-faced axe out with a wave of his hand, and the souls of Yin and Yang collided together!
"Bang!" The flames are splashing and shaking the sky!
At the same time, Xiao Fan and Shi Gang also set off at the same time!
The most primitive savage collision, two people shoulder severely hit together!
"Uh …" Xiao Fan eyebrows a wrinkly figure was suddenly flying out for hundreds of miles away to barely hold himself, but his shoulders were faint and trembling slightly.
"Damn, this guy’s brute force is really big, and the cohesion of my soil property has been knocked out so far!" Xiao Fan deep out of breath was secretly said
You know, Shigang is stronger than Fan Zhong in having seven immortals. I don’t know how many immortals have reached 40 thousand, and Xiao Fan is about twice as busy as this element at this time!
"Hum, you still want to compete with the old with such little strength?" Shigang shook his neck and said, "Smelly boy, hurry up and tell me your biggest event. I want to see how you killed that loser Fan Zhong!"
"That kind of thing can’t be done now!" Xiao Fan sighed secretly, and wicked heart Crystal, the King of Medicine, appeared in the crystal statue of wicked heart, and the first floor of the quenching stream was still unconscious. Root method called the King of Medicine to come over!
"From the point of collision, the stone hill is good at attacking the guy who displays the soil attribute elements. If he recklessly talks, I have no chance of winning. After all, there is too much difference between the power of repairing and making up for it …" Xiao Fan calculated in his heart that just a tentative attack has made him find out the depth of each other.
"Hey, what are you thinking? No matter how much you think about our great difference, you can’t solve it just by thinking about it! " See Xiao Fan has been slow to move stone hill shouted
"Bang!" At this moment, suddenly there was a harsh noise in the sky, which immediately made people open their eyes and burst out with strong light. A huge black cloud in the shape of a mushroom kept churning up into the sky!
"ah! What’s the matter? " Everyone in the place had to close their eyes and be shocked!
The source of this sound and strong light is that the two fairy pieces are chopping at each other and finally tell the outcome!
No matter how strong the axe from Kun is, how can it be compared with the soul of Yin and Yang, which contains the special attribute of Yin and Yang?
You should know that there is not much difference between the roots in the six realms of special attributes and ordinary element attributes.
However, the various attributes in the celestial realm are several times stronger than those in the six realms, which further demonstrates the power of special attributes!
The most powerful force in heaven and earth is the special attribute, followed by the chaotic force that has long since disappeared, and then the elemental force!
The special attributes are strong and weak, but in any case, yin and yang are the best among the strongest forces!