"Hehe" night evil repair seems to suddenly remind of something and ask, "Will there be someone you like before you die?"

After a long time, I answered that night evil cultivation was a snore.
I don’t know when I fell asleep when I leaned against the night evil and repaired my chest. The steady breath came out from the tip of my nose.
Night evil repairs spoil a smile and goes back to bed with a smile of snow.
"Good night, dear son" printed a kiss on her forehead and the wound disappeared immediately.
It was always on until the heat faded, and I didn’t know that the next day really came.
"Uh-huh ~ ~ ~" slept very full, and Xue smiled and stretched himself in a "big" posture.
Only to find that I was swinging around, and I got up from bed in a surprised second, and I was cold and lifeless at night.
"I disappeared early in the morning." Heng Xue smiled and complained, muttering that his heart was unknown, and a sense of loss arose.
Heng Xue ran upstairs barefoot with a smile, but there was still no one.
She became energetic after seeing purple flowers planted in the yard yesterday.
Looking at this flower carefully, it seems that the purple color has become deeper and the leaves have become longer compared with yesterday.
Just as Heng Xuexiao was surprised that the flower hair grew so fast, she was blindfolded by a pair of warm palms.
"My dear son, guess who I am." Intimacy sounded in my ear and my thin lips touched her earlobe.
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Scene 63 Abdominal pain
Heng Xue smiled in excitement and was turned over by Uber behind him.
"It’s not funny at all," Heng Xuexiao said grumpily. Take off your hand covering your eyes and turn around to see the night evil repair standing in front of you against the sun and crossing a layer of aperture around him with golden eyes.
"gdrning" evil spirit smiled in lightning speed and stole a kiss in the smiling mouth of Heng Xue, proudly saying, "This is a good morning kiss."
"You tell me honestly where you went early in the morning!" Heng Xue smiled and stood on tiptoe, gently pinching the night evil and repairing the neck, trying to pretend to be fierce, but I didn’t know that the more I pretended, the cuter I became.
"Yo, how come you sound like a wife asking her husband where he’s fooling around?" The night evil said, "Could it be that I’ve already made a secret promise?"
"No, it’s not." Heng Xue smiled and seemed to converge and let go.
"Come and ask a husband to listen, and I’ll tell me where I went." Night evil repair evokes a smile from Heng Xue, just like a rogue flirting with a innocent girl.
"Don’t call! Because I know you went to buy breakfast! "
What is the night evil repairman doing with breakfast instead of buying it? Heng Xuexiao naturally won’t let him take advantage of breakfast and run into the house.
They finished their breakfast in fun and then went to school.
I don’t know how to smile, but I always feel that I’m not feeling well today. My stomach is a little stuffy, and I’m in pain, and I’m afraid of the cold, and I have a lot of sweating on my forehead.
My stomach hurts every step I take, and I can’t stand it at last.
"Ah-"Squat painfully clutching his belly.
"Hey, what’s the matter with you?" It is estimated that Yexie Xiu was also frightened by Heng Xuexiao, squatting beside her and trying to lift her face, but Heng Xuexiao buried her face in her knees and shook her head desperately.
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Act 64: Your period is coming.
"My stomach is so uncomfortable." I barely managed to spit out this sentence with a smile. Suddenly I felt a little damp, hot and humid on my ass …
Is it your period? !
Heng Xuexiao can clearly feel the blood flowing out now, and she is sure that she just guessed.
Don’t be curious! Rabbits also have their period! Even worse, it’s a woman.
Before, when she was in the rabbit family, every time she came to her period, she was in pain for an hour and recovered after an hour.
At that time, the whole rabbit family will be in a mess because of her crying.
"Night, night evil practice" Heng Xuexiao felt that she even had no strength to speak. She put her gentle little hand on the shoulder of night evil practice and whispered, "I, my period are coming."
After saying this in a painful and embarrassing situation, Xuexiao felt that she was being tortured to death.
Night evil repair after hearing Heng snow joke white cheeks also covered with a layer of hard to see pink.
"Hold on, I’ll take you to the clinic."
It should be more or less helpful for a nurse aunt in a young medical room to be a woman.
Night evil took off her coat and wrapped it around her waist, then picked her up smoothly and walked quickly to the clinic.
Along the way, the vampire students all exclaimed that it was hard to believe that the count was holding a person himself or a woman. They all looked up at the sky and sighed that the sun did not rise in the west! _|||
"Please help me to have a look. I’ll wait outside."
He is not fit to take part in this embarrassing thing because he is a dignified man. Put the snow smile on the bed and wait at the door.
"What’s the matter with you, little girl?"
At present, the nurse’s age is aunt level, and she looks very kind. The crow’s feet around her eyes also reveal her vicissitudes.
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There is no class in act 65.
"My moon is coming."
It’s a shame to ask her to say that twice a day.
Night evil repair waited for a long time outside the door before being helped out by the nurse aunt.
"Are you better?" Night evil repair before holding her looking at her pale face asked softly.
"Count, please rest assured that I have put a tampon on her and taken painkillers."
When aunt nurse said this, both of them became very embarrassed.