At the beginning, Lian Yan jiing practiced against toxins, and now she has no bondage. But wait a minute. If anyone thinks that the world is a soft persimmon, wait for tragedy!

Speaking of which, Dong Yuling is looking forward to this. I wonder who will be cheated?
"The good time will be better naturally." Lian Yan Jiing said something very Zen.
"By the way, the report said that someone told him about the carefree virgin. Did you check it?" Dong Yuling asked curiously that she was taken away by the princess at that time and she didn’t come to hear the follow-up.
"It’s not easy to check for the past six months, but the traces of people are very obvious and coincidentally it seems that you have found someone …" Lotus Yan Jiing said faintly.
"I know?" Dong Yuling thought for a moment in surprise and said, "You mean loyal and brave?"
It seems that there is a certain suspicion among the people she knows, and this is it. It’s not hard to guess.
Your report doesn’t go to places like brothels, and Yunpiaofang Yingying doesn’t consider anything.
Smiling gently, Lian Yan Jing pinched Dong Ling’s tender face, and the sense of touch was excellent, which made people feel poor. "Cong, they chose the flavor building and were unfortunately seen by a tingling buddy. I let people have a clue when they checked."
"It’s strange that if those people are behind the scenes with Yingying’s number one, they don’t know that you are a flavor landlord? What will taste good again? " Dong Yuling thinks there is something wrong with this logic
"Because my father’s activities are very limited, they have few opportunities to be experts, but they can convince my father more," said Lian Yan-jiing lightly. "The dispute between two strangers attracted my father’s attention, and finally the virgins with high medical skills paid attention."
"It’s really good for people to find out again, so I just want to see it?" Dong Yuling added
At that time, Qin Ruwang could understand it in her heart. She must have hoped that she would rather be wrong than let it go.
And that’s what those people think.
"Well, they were also very careful that it was unlucky to be seen by a guy in the flavor building that Zhong Yong Bo had contacts with the two strangers, but they were deeply quarreled by the two strangers at that time." Lian Yan Jiing chuckled. "It’s even funnier to remember the reasons for Zhong Yong Bo."
"How funny?" Dong Lu Ling stretched out his hand and poked Lian Yan Jing to tell him to hurry up and stop playing charades.
"Because of the loyalty and courage, I seldom see him chatting with men. That guy also looked at his eyes." Lian Yan Jiing felt that a drink and a peck really had a destiny.
"Poof …" Dong Yuling smiled. This guy is definitely a wonderful guy.
Zhong Yong Bo pretended to be too good for everyone to succeed, but he didn’t want to know his external image clearly, which became his flaw. Once he acted a little abnormally, others would remember him deeply.
"But now it’s doubtful, and the two strangers must be lost. Seeing whether the face is true or not is still a problem, leaving Zhong Yongbo to know that this can’t be confirmed." Lian Yan Jiing regrets that many clues now point to Zhong Yongbo, who is no problem. It is estimated that dogs don’t believe it. Chapter 6 Chapter 260 This is a gambler.
Some things don’t need to be confirmed. It’s good to know that there is such a thing.
Now it’s dark between us and the enemy, but they don’t know that they have exposed a lot.
"But that carefree saint has seen you!" Dong Yuling couldn’t help but vomit when she remembered this crop. That look was so wrong.
"…" Lian Yan Jiing was asked a confused question and tried to recall a final shook his head "I don’t remember and I haven’t been out of Shengjing for so many years"
"Just because you don’t remember doesn’t mean people don’t remember how they haven’t been out. It doesn’t mean they haven’t been out. Did you go there when you were looking for a famous doctor?" Dong Yuling is very suspicious of the carefree saint, who has never been to the mysterious tribe. What is carefree? Have you seen Lotus Yan Jinging?
"I’ve been out for three times, but it’s not too far from Shengjing." Lian Yan Jing stood her hand. "I really don’t know what happened."
"Forget it, I think that the carefree saint should have seen what you are holding on to before such strange conditions come out." Actually, Dong Yuling wants to vomit that the carefree saint really has any plans to implement Qin Ruwang’s letter to her. Isn’t it better to marry Qin Ruwang directly?
Don’t be small? Hehe, ridiculous. Isn’t everything a plan?
Of course, it seems that King Ru of Qin has some disrespect for his elders, and Dong Wei’s calm mind flashed a thought and he no longer wanted to.
"I don’t know that she didn’t kill this woman for the time being, but her words didn’t make much sense and she didn’t try hard to ask." Lian Yan Jiing expressed sadness and didn’t know what role Leisurely Saint played in the whole play. Why is her own value so low?
Two people say that finish carefree virgin and say that his divination degree is absolutely not low. If you hear it, you can’t help but cover your face. Can you stop gossiping so much? That’s fantastic. That’s not good!
In mid-July, there is a saying that after the festival, everyone stays indoors, and the atmosphere feels a little weird.
Dong Yuling is used to the taboo of the former Butterfly Village, which is even more serious. He can’t hear people until late.
The children are frightened and sensitive, and they hide directly in Dong Yong’s room for comfort.
Later, when Yun Shi came back, an adult was more emboldened.
However, Yun’s mood is not very good these days. She will sacrifice Dong Fu and then feel all kinds of sadness in her room.
Children don’t want to bother, but they still hide in Dong Wei’s room to feel at ease.
Every time I see my brother and sister’s flustered eyes, Dong Yuling wants to slap Yun’s face to see if he can wake people up.