"You don’t understand!" Even Fang Zhou smiled that the child’s body was developing when the external force was applied too much. It will be counterproductive.

"handmaiden certainly don’t understand!" Redjade smiled. "But madam, you’re not too worried that our master is an expert and he can stop hurting young master!"
Even Fang Zhou’s smile suddenly receded and she looked at Redjade gently. She didn’t dare to cheep.
She was not far away when they quarreled just now, and she generally heard it.
Even Fang Zhou knew that she heard it and couldn’t help but stop at the lilac tree and twist a head to ask her, "Sir … you said that what he said just now was too much? He is doubting me when he says that! He kept saying that he didn’t care, he didn’t care, and he believed me. In fact, he didn’t taste a thorn in his heart! But what’s wrong with me? Is it that I am willing? "
Redjade was dazed and carefully looked at her face with smile apologetically. "Madam, don’t be angry, don’t take it to heart, and think about the second young master in your stomach! Master, this is because you care about your wife! Ma ‘am, you are so thoughtful. If you don’t believe me, how can you spoil you so much? Master is better for you than before, but nothing is worse! "
Even Fang Zhou felt a little better in her heart and couldn’t help but criticise Redjade. "Who the hell are you, girl?" How? See your master? Why don’t you wait on him? "
Redjade "Snow" smiled and laughed. "Look, madam, what you said! It’s boring when you say it, and it’s even more boring when you listen to it, handmaiden! If the handmaiden really goes to serve the master, you won’t agree first! Handmaiden is practical! "
Even Fang Zhou really felt a little boring and didn’t say that again. "Practical? Why don’t you tell me about it? “
Redjade laughed. "Madam has always been the most considerate of the master. Why did she get confused this time? Even the handmaiden knows a thing or two about waiting beside his wife on weekdays. The Liang family is the most difficult to chew on a hard bone. I don’t know how many thoughts have been put on this head, but it happened that the Grand Duke of Liang family repeatedly regarded the master as a lady. How can you not be angry or annoyed when the master is a man? Lady Pian, when you told your master about the Grand Duke Liang’s family, you were still distracted! Master, this is still good. If that temper is bad, I don’t know what it will be like! "
Even Fang Zhou was funny and angry and couldn’t help laughing. "What is this logic? What do you mean I’m distracted? Do you know what I’m thinking? Since I don’t know why, why do you take yourself for granted and force it on my head? It’ s ridiculous to be mad at me! "
Redjade leng leng dumb don’t know how to refute a pie mouth and said, "Anyway, the handmaiden never said that she won! Anyway, the handmaiden just thinks that the lady is a little more angry! "
She couldn’t help adding, "The master is really wonderful to his wife. You can’t lose big because of small things, madam!"
"Come on, you!" Lian Fangzhou laughed. "If you get such a person because of this little thing, don’t worry!"
At that moment, I saw a martial arts field not far away, wearing moon-white loose-fitting clothes and a belt of the same color, holding a sword in his hand, waving the sun blade in an orderly way, and the little man’s black hair was dancing in the wind, and the snow-white figure, smart and small posture were like a picture scroll, which made people eyes open.
Even Fang Zhou’s eyes followed the little figure, and her expression became more and more gentle. The corners of her mouth unconsciously tilted with a shallow smile.
"good! How nice! " She clapped her hands and laughed and praised.
Xu’s son heard her voice but didn’t look at her again. It was a little immature and didn’t pause until a set of movements was finished. Then he turned his head and smiled and cried, "Mom! Niang! " Rush to lianfangzhou.
"Little master!" Redjade saw him holding the swinging sword and running over like this. She felt that the bright color made her eyes dizzy, her legs and feet weak, and she took a deep breath and hurried a few steps to smile apologetically. "Give this sword to the handmaiden, young master!"
Xu’s son stopped walking and hid his hand from the side. "This is me."
Redjade cay endured a good laugh "handmaiden, of course, know that it’s young master you! Can the handmaiden hold it for you and return it to you for a while? "
"no! No one else is allowed to take my sword! " Although Xu Er is small, she is notoriously stubborn and shakes her head and refuses.
"Little master!" Redjade really cried, didn’t laugh, didn’t get busy and laughed. "The young master’s wife is pregnant, so dangerous things can’t be near her! What if … I scare my wife’s brother or sister? "
Xu Er wanted to think and finally nodded, but instead of giving Redjade the sword, she bent down and put it on the ground, then ran to Lianfangzhou.
"…" Redjade didn’t know what she should do!
Lian Fangzhou had already laughed so hard that he couldn’t help waiting for him to come near and hold his hand with a smile. "Is this sweat tired?"
"Mom, I’m not tired!" Xu Er shook her head and took Lian Fangzhou’s hand to the bench not far away and said, "Mom, please sit down quickly. Dad said you can’t let Mom get tired!"
Even Fang Zhou’ s heart was stunned. "You are listening to your father more and more!"
The little guy’s admiration for his father has been increasing since he followed Li Fu’s martial arts practice, and it is square for a few days. It is always "Dad said", which is not the first time that even Fangzhou has been sour.
Xu Er looked up at Lian Fangzhou and said, "Dad said to protect his mother!"
Even Fang Zhou’s heart is soft and can’t help sighing.
Sitting with Xu Er, she took the tea handed by Redjade and glanced at his body and shoes. "Look, these clothes and shoes are dirty. Let’s go back to the house and change!"
Redjade can’t help laughing. Who knows that young master loves cleanliness the most?
Who knows that Xu Er said, "Dad said that martial arts is not dirty. Men don’t care about this!"
Even Fang Zhou Zheng and Redjade couldn’t stay up and laughed until tears came out.
Xu Er blinked inexplicably and looked at Lian Fangzhou. When she finished laughing, he asked, "Empress! What are you laughing at? Isn’t dad right? Chapter 1354 We can’t owe him anything!
Even Fang Zhou smiled and sighed, "There is nothing wrong with your dad saying …! Well, just listen to your father! As far as you are still young, don’t be exhausted or your mother will feel distressed! "
Xu son suddenly became nervous when he heard the word "pain". He just saw his father busy and cried, "Dad! Niang said she hurt her love dearly … "
Li Fu heard a word "pain" and got a fright. He rushed over and grabbed even Fang Zhou’s arm. "What’s wrong with you?" Where does it hurt? "
Eyes rested on her lower abdomen. When she moved, she must have been angry by herself! Suddenly regret and guilt busy way "I’m sorry fangzhou! It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have said that about you! Don’t be angry, ok? "
"Madam, why are you still here?" she shouted at Redjade. Don’t call for a doctor quickly! "
Redjade endured a smile and lowered her eyes and dared not speak.
Even Fang Zhou got a chance to speak, funny and angry. "What are you talking about? What’s wrong with me? "
Li Fu Zheng didn’t really look like anything wrong with her. Besides, her daughter-in-law knew that she was by no means a quarrelling with herself, regardless of the baby in her womb. The stupid woman suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, smiled and rubbed Xu Er’s little brain and criticized, "You lied about military intelligence!"
"It’s the mother herself!" Xu’ er cried out, "Mother!"
"…" Even Fangzhou felt a little naught and didn’t know how to explain it. Seeing her stubbornness, unblinkingly staring at herself with a pair of dark and liquid eyes, she insisted on telling an ugly story by herself.
I can’t explain why I admit my mistake and apologize
Even Fang Zhou sighed, "This mother was wrong just now! Niang actually, there is no pain … "
As soon as Redjade dropped her eyes, she bowed her head and bit her lips and smiled.
Li Fu zheng couldn’t help glancing at even Fang Zhou when she deliberately said so to coax her love, but her heart was also greatly relieved, saying that since she was willing to move so hard, she was no longer angry with herself …
Xu’s son was very angry and said with a little face, "Niang, how can you say such a thing wrong?" I don’t know if dad and I will be in a hurry! "
Li Fu laughed and nodded solemnly and said, "Yes, mother can’t make such jokes. Xu Er and I will be in a hurry!"
"…" Even Fang Zhou gave Li Fu a white look and didn’t feel bored. "It won’t be like this again after the mother was wrong, okay?"
Xu Er nodded. "It’s good for mother to know!"
"Good xu son afternoon practice here! Redjade took Xu’s son back, "Li Fu said.
It’s better to accept it if it’s too good. In case the mother becomes angry from embarrassment, of course, she is ill, and she must be the one who has been angered and ruined.
Redjade knew that the master must have something to say to his wife and promised to leave with Xu Er.
If Qian Xu’s son is bound to pester even Fang Zhou to shuffle when couples spend a little time, now he will leave honestly without forgetting to pick up his sword.
Even Fang Zhou told Redjade to look at the young master and stop wrestling. Looking at them leaving, he couldn’t help but sigh to Li Fu with a sigh. "Xu Er is listening to you more and more! Not too close to my mother! "
"It’s good to have me close to you. He won’t belong to you in the future anyway!" Li Fu smiled and sat next to her and held her.
Even Fang Zhou smiled and said, "Do as you say, I have raised him for nothing? I tell you, my son will always belong to me as a mother! Even if he marries his daughter-in-law, he won’t forget me! "
"Yes, yes, your son, who can take it away!" Li Fu laughed "just kidding with you! Xu ‘er is a boy. I taught him to grow up as a real man. What is he like to tease you every day like a child? Don’t forget that he is our boss! "
Even Fang Zhou suddenly opened his eyes wide and stared at Li Fu for half a ring. The mouth choked on his chest and he was so angry that he cried out. "What are you calling this?" Like a child? Xu Er, he is not yet four years old. He came as a child! You made him work too hard! "
"Four years old is not small," Li Fu laughed. "Do you think you are distressed again? Don’t worry, I also love him. I won’t encourage him or force him to learn. Step by step, I am naturally white! "
Even Fang Zhou stand hand nai wry smile way "just you don’t tell me these! I can see that you two are United. What can I do? I don’t know who that little guy looks like. He’s so stubborn that nine cows can’t pull it back! "
"He’s worried about you," Li Fuyin sighed slightly. "Aren’t you white? This little guy is worried about you! He said to be strong to protect you and never let bad people bully you again! "
Even Fang Zhou looked at Li Fu with a lump in his throat. "Jane, am I not always worrying your father?"
"What are you talking about?" Li Fu held her hand and smiled gently. "There is no better woman than my mother!"
Even Fang Zhou’s eyes lightly sighed, "Liang’s affair … you and I have always been one mind and never changed! Only by rooting out Liang’s forces and breaking up their impenetrable huge family can Nanhai County really belong to the imperial court. Do you think that I don’t understand the overall situation and don’t care about it indiscriminately? Will personal grievances be involved? "