The so-called border of Guinea is the division of spheres of influence by the colonists. Without on-the-spot investigation, they directly drew maps and lines with pencils, and after several splits and combinations, they changed hands like businessmen.

It is less than a hundred years since Guinea gained nominal independence in the 1960s.
However, Guinea has never really been in the state of local armed forces, and no central government has achieved unified governance.
Even at a certain time, different countries in the international community recognized that it was a few miles away and different state governments, because they didn’t know who could really represent this geographical concept, and they often changed it anyway.
Yu Huan thought that the region where Tebang lived was a desert. On the theory that it never belonged to the local tribe in history or reality, perhaps the ancient tribe in the area where it once lived has disappeared into the hidden country.
Hua Zhen told Charles that he wanted to build a utopia, but there was a prerequisite for realizing this wish, that is, the country in the southern port of Somalia was no longer a human purgatory.
After the establishment of the new alliance, Xia Tui’s leading position was liberated, and various States and regions were transformed socially and economically, and an unprecedented new Guinea was established.
The map issued after the founding of New Guinea will be glad that the different colors of Tebang were not included in the national border, but that when Tebang was founded, foreign and national defense affairs were entrusted to Guinea for management.
This is a true document. Both of them are temporarily entrusted with national defense foreign affairs. What do you mean? It’s really clear to Charles that it’s time for Huanxiang to formally declare its establishment, but it’s just a paper announcement.
Don’t say that Shergan can’t deal with Hua Zhen, even if he really wants to clean up the "self-restraint", should he let Wang Fengshou play dirty or let Li Jingzhi play hard?
I believe that he will walk peacefully, and he can keep the image of mourning and glory behind him, which hinders the glorious image of his successor Aden.
Shire came to Hua Zhen for private "coquetry" this time, but he didn’t really want to lie flat. He took this opportunity to show an attitude. Compared with the status of the general manager of several countries, he would rather be a foster brother.
Look at this. President Xia is suspected to be a wise man!
In a blink of an eye, on June 1, 232, the first graduation ceremony of the University of Somalia, Hua Zhen, finally received the diploma from President Niu Ping, who had already confirmed that he would be admitted to Chundan Center.
Hua Zhen University majored in hydraulic engineering. How could it be admitted by a pharmaceutical research institution? Shichundan’s "Chengche" Bixi large array is also a water conservancy project, and his major is just right.
On June 11, 232, Huanxiang Republic officially announced the establishment of the first president.
Writing "Huan Xiang World" will be finished.
The last chapter is divided into three parts: the middle part and the third part. After the end of the 600-chapter text, there are several epilogues telling some stories about the future of the country.
The origin of the story is that Hua Zhenxing became a Mengmeng, and after 500 years, he became a happy world, but he didn’t dream of crossing but woke up in reality.
I never intended to write 500 years later, but wrote that he could realize his dream starting point.
Although Hua Zhen-xing’s experience of disillusionment is described, the story itself is a great illusion and a process of disillusionment 2.
Well, to be honest, I originally conceived the story as a complete fantasy, and the ending was like this-
"This moonlight seems to melt everything in the world, including everything in the sky. A gust of wind blew through Hua Zhenxing and looked up at the low eaves.
Last night, he went to the local people’s bar with the big black shire. When he came back, he sat for a while against the wall in an alley not far from home.
Port of Somalia is still the same port of Somalia. He got up and walked towards the grocery store. His eyes were drunk and he was no longer confused. The world seemed to be moving towards a new life. "
After Hua Zhen woke up from his dream, all his experiences turned out to be an illusion, including what he called "breaking the illusion". If he really wrote like that, many readers might scold me.
"After reading two or three million words, you finally told me that not only did the protagonist have a dream, but the whole story was also a big dream for the protagonist!"
Hey, hey, hey, so I didn’t write that and made some changes in the company, otherwise his readers might be angry except for my old friends who know my world outlook very well
But I can’t explain that dreaming is two different things.
I have described a lot of so-called false experiences in the past, but the description of false situations is limited by space and story, but it all seems to be imaginary, which does not make readers realize that truth
What is the illusion? It may be like this, but it is like this. I will answer it in this "Happy World"
If you accept this story more, please add the ending I wrote to the text by yourself, and finally I won’t write it myself.
Why should I write such a story? Since it is already so indecent, let’s stop talking about serious things and talk about some digressions.
There is a long-lasting slogan on the internet, that is, what will the world of cultivating immortals be like?
Many Xianxia novels give a description and imagination, but the world we are familiar with is not the same.
Sometimes I wonder how this will happen in the world we live in. If it happens, what will happen?
Today’s people’s imagination of the world of cultivating immortals is a bit like the ancients’ imagination of the ideal world nearly three thousand years ago. It is a pure utopia and can also have a spiritual core that can support beliefs.
When I was a child, I read a passage describing immortals, "Mountains, rivers, geography, people all know everything." At that time, I didn’t see it. It was amazing and I admired it. Looking back at this moment, isn’t that what we are doing today?
We can order something from Wan Li every other time, and it is possible to deliver it to the door by express delivery. This was once described by the ancients to the immortals, but have we become immortals? certainly not
This is the result of scientific and technological progress and the evolution of social production. Some people say that it is due to the progress of the times, but the so-called times will not progress by themselves. All this is created by people.
Even if someone stays at home all day and does nothing, they can enjoy the achievements of the times because someone else has done it all.
The original intention of all people’s efforts is to make themselves live a better life. People have more means and stronger ability to achieve their goals, so have they ever lived a better life?
This question is difficult to answer, because first of all, what is the best way to live? Dating back to the Enlightenment nearly 3,000 years ago, we will find that ancient thinkers tried to answer it.
One question that is important to them is that human beings are meaningful?
Is it necessary for life and wisdom to be born in a desolate and dead universe? What is the concept of "meaning"?
This may not be a physical problem, because physics can study the causes of life, and it may be that probability events appear in massive samples to answer the probability principle.
But the principle body is not meaningful and will lead to emptiness.