Locke glanced at his brain again and gasped, "You don’t want to rob the gold gang, but you want to control the whole North Bay area completely?"

Hua Zhen’s trip "has already told you that we are a new alliance, not a gang, and we are not interested in gang fighting. Another thing is that you are mistaken. Our transformation plan must be self-contained before we can talk about it."
You have already dealt with this Mr. Wang Fengshou and this Mr. Vandak, and they all want to plan specific matters for the senior leaders of the industry. Then, Mr. Li Jingzhi will be responsible for your cooperation with them in the future order of the trade zone. "
Locke: "Mr. Hua, what about yourself?"
Hua Zhen smiled, "I am an employee of Kelin Mining Company, a boy from the old man’s grocery store."
Locke seems to have lost something. Isn’t this tone, this identity and this feeling that he knows him very well the boss behind the scenes? However, judging from Hua Zhen’s age, he doesn’t look like a spokesman for the boss behind the scenes.
Locke stopped asking this topic, which is not because he can explore it. It seems that he is struggling to make a decision in his heart. After all, he said tentatively, "Poseidon has joined the new alliance, right?"
Manman simply said "yes"
Locke: "After the big head gang changed its head, it really joined the new alliance, right?"
Hua Zhen trip "can be said that"
Locke: "What if I join the new alliance?"
Hua Zhen smiled "welcome" again.
Locke "But I have a very personal question"
Hua Zhen trip "Excuse me"
Locke: "You have already seen that I am hiding in the port of Somalia to avoid disaster. The Golden Gang is my hiding cover. If my enemy comes here, can the new alliance protect it?"
I’ve heard of the sandals gang, and I know that their purpose is unity and mutual assistance. So is the new alliance? Would it help if I joined the new alliance and met my enemy and pursued the new alliance? "
Locke made these remarks out of the corner of his eye at Hua Zhen, but he glanced at Wang Fengshou.
Chapter 5, Kling District Day
Hua Zhen thought about it before he said, "If you have difficulties, the new alliance will help us. The purpose is to hope that the world will become better and everyone will have a fair chance to change their lives through hard work."
However, some organizations will neither pursue personal grievances nor take the initiative to intervene. If what you said really happens, let’s see one thing. Should it happen?
I know you are a monk, and you should be able to understand this word. Me too. If you have ever been hunted for this by virtue of the crime of rape and murder, we will never cover up and will even help each other get it. Are you such a person? Did you just say this? "
Locke said with a wry smile, "Do I look like this person to you?"
Hua Zhen shook his head. "I can’t see that you have been injured for years, and the dark wound has just recurred."
Locke showed him the trip to Hua Zhen and saw the monk’s unique "look" at his divine knowledge, which not only simply swept but also deeply explored Locke’s internal organs and qi and blood operation.
Yang Lao-tou said that it was impolite and taboo to do so, which seriously violated the etiquette of the monks. Moreover, if Hua Zhen-xing wanted to see it thoroughly, he needed Locke’s own cooperation to let his gods know and not interfere with him to find out.
But on this occasion, it’s not disrespectful. It’s not that the two met by chance, and it’s not who went to visit Hua Zhenxing. Look at Bailock’s state at the moment. Just now, Locke’s confrontation with the gun god was a virtual one, even though he couldn’t send a threatening attack when he put the pile of paper in his hand.
It’s hard to say whether Kelly would have shot herself if Hua Zhenxing hadn’t brought someone here specially today. Locke is dead anyway.
Locke said, bowing his head, "I didn’t want to do anything about the past, but I didn’t do anything. Someone killed my teacher and my companions, and I escaped with serious injuries. I have been recovering from my injuries and practicing my strongest means for years. You have seen it just now, but I still try to get revenge."
Hua Zhen trip "No matter where you come from, if the truth is as you said, someone still wants to chase here and kill the koo Shao. Our attitude towards the gun god is no different."
Locke: "I thank you for nothing, Mr. Hua."
Mann felt that he should say something, otherwise the atmosphere would not be enough, so he said, "Poseidon will bless you."
Hua Zhen asked again, "Your injury is not difficult to cure, but it has not been eradicated for so many years. Did you start work today and make the old injury relapse? How do you practice? Can you origami airplanes? "
Locke looked up, surprised and happy. "Can you cure my injury?"
Hua Zhen looked contemptuous. "It’s not that I can cure your injury, but that you can recuperate yourself after repairing it now. It’s not much more difficult than ordinary people curing a cold!"
Mann Mann also interjected, "Hua knows everything, and he will teach you the basic principles of cultivation … Have you ever heard of Yangyuan?
Maman, this bracelet is really great! Of course, Locke has never heard of nourishing the Yuan, but he also understood her meaning and said urgently, "Mr. Hua, what are the conditions if you can teach me how to cure the dark injury?"
Hua Zhenxing waved his hand and said, "Let’s take care of things first … I’m sure there are still many things you need to cooperate with the day after tomorrow … You can come to the old man’s grocery store the night after the day after tomorrow."
At this time, he took out a cellular phone and glanced at it. "Director Wang Zongke wants you to go to the headquarters and report a situation by the way."
In the last fifteen years, the biggest firefight in the port of Somalia ended in silence. On this night, many people heard the fierce gun, but it lasted for a short time, and then it was as dull as a thunder. After that, it restored calm. Many residents were shocked. What riots or riots occurred, or an armed force staged a local coup?
The so-called local coup has a special meaning and form, which may not be well understood by people in other countries.