Thinking for a long time, Zhang Hao had a terrible idea in generate’s mind that something had happened to Jingyu’s family.

When Zhang Hao thoughtfully walked out of the corridor, a car came and two men stopped him.
"Brother, do you know Jing Tianhong?"
"Who ah" Zhang Hao confused andao who is Jing Tianhong I don’t know, but for a moment, Zhang Hao suddenly had an epiphany on Jing Tianhong.
Chapter 21 Run away after borrowing usury.
"Ha ha, don’t pretend that you don’t know what to do by knocking at people’s doors." A stout man took off his sunglasses and looked at Zhang Hao.
"I’m here to find a classmate. You said that Jing Tianhong may be my classmate’s father. I really don’t know him."
Zhang Hao’s supercilious performance made Humpty Dumpty uncertain for a while.
A guy with gold-rimmed eyes next to him said, "Well, we have something urgent to find this owner. The company needs him to deal with it urgently. Do you know that his whereabouts are very important, little brother?"
Zhang Hao looked at it carefully. It seems that this bespectacled man is short and fat because of his face.
Thought of here, Zhang Hao wouldn’t be short and fat. Talk directly to the glasses man.
"Maybe I went on a trip." Zhang Hao was talking about the river. He didn’t look like a good man, especially the stout one.
"Where have you been?" Dumpty asked eagerly.
"It may be Yunnan."
Humpty Dumpty didn’t like it. "You’re kidding us, little brother. Tell the truth."
"It’s okay. We just have something to do with Jing Tianhong. This is our business card. Please keep it, little brother. If you meet us, we will thank you very much." Said Jin Sibian glasses and winked and got on the bus.
Zhang Hao took the business card and walked away quickly. It’s strange that Zhang Hao doesn’t have much social experience, but there are also many good people and bad people who can tell at a glance.
Zhang Hao, a "financial company", murmured that he saw this business card belonging to Yang Xiaowei’s financial company.
Although Zhang Hao has never been in contact with it, he has read novels and movies. He also knows that there are two kinds of financial companies, one is the right institution, and the other is of course the land bank, which means usury.
And judging from the furtive performance of the two men just now, this financial company obviously belongs to the latter, and why would Jing Tianhong contact such a person? Zhang Hao doesn’t understand it. It seems that Jing Yu is really in trouble
What will lead to the loss of contact depends on the situation. The Jingyu family should be hiding.
Zhang Hao some boring things at this time is not so simple, I’m afraid it is more difficult to find Jingyu.
"I said, why are we so polite to him?" Humpty Dumpty was very dissatisfied.
"Idiot didn’t hear it was a classmate? It’s easy for him to get suspicious. Forget it and keep waiting. I can’t believe they won’t come back for a generation," said Jin Sibian glasses angrily
Walking along the road, Zhang Hao suddenly thought of Erhong and Gao Chengfeng, which made him shine at the moment. Those two guys stayed in Internet cafes all the year round and had more contact with social youth. There must be several people.
Thought of here, Zhang Hao called Gao Chengfeng excitedly. "Brother Feng, I have something to trouble you when I come back."
"Say" Gao Chengfeng’s concise words make Zhang Hao very comfortable. They never need to be cumbersome directly.
"I want to check the personal Yang Xiaowei Xishan Finance Company, and there is another one named Jing Tianhong who may have something to do with him."
Zhang Hao still has a lot to say without saying Gao Chengfeng.
"Well, it’s not easy to get it, but don’t worry about this." Gao Chengfeng’s words made Zhang Hao feel a little better
All he has to do is wait for the result quietly.
In the afternoon, Gao Chengfeng called.
"Xiao Hao found it."
"Really? What is it?"
"Well, it’s a bit complicated, and it’s been turned around by several people. The police station asked a circle of people and found a few to find out.
"That Yang Xiaowei is a usurer and that financial company is just like that." Gao Chengfeng complained and told the truth.
"Enjing Tianhong?" Zhang Hao even noted that this may be Jingyu’s father.
"He also checked the situation, but he didn’t know clearly that he borrowed 1 million usury from this personal data."
Zhang Hao one leng nima borrowed one million, no wonder he ran away, but it doesn’t make sense for him to borrow so much.
But this time is not suitable for thinking. These keys are the most important thing to find talents.
"And I can’t afford the interest for a long time, and it’s all rolled to 1.5 million. By the way, who is this person? Why do you check him?"
"Hello, talk!" Gao Chengfeng shouted for a long time and didn’t get a reply. It was strange to hang up.
At the moment, Zhang Hao has been stunned. He is in a daze in bed. 1.5 million are you kidding?
If it’s 100,150,000, Zhang Hao pats his chest and promises to help Jingyu with it.
But this is 1.5 million, which is astronomical for an ordinary family like him. Zhang Hao is confused about what he should do at the moment. In his heart, Zhang Hao is very worried.
At the moment, I feel that my family has borrowed 1.5 million. Zhang Hao is crying from the bottom of my heart to help Jingyu.