However, he was happy in his heart. Naturally, he couldn’t show such frivolity on the surface, but the orphan just smiled and continued, "Since everyone agrees, I have a suggestion. We present will not allocate the number plate until we have enough number plates for one person. So we have mutual suspicion. I don’t know what you are like?"

"Good idea. What if some people still can’t stop being greedy?" Another monk said
"Well, I think we can each swear in the name of our own ancestors. It’s nothing to just swear, but in our situation, if someone looks at it, it’s okay to swear in the name of our own ancestors. I don’t think this person’s life will be easy after things go out!"
"This is naturally effective for our brothers, but I’m afraid it may not be necessary for the scattered practice." As the saying goes, the absolute implementation is always flawed in careful discussion, and too many opinions are always the first problem in the temporary formation of groups.
"Then we will jointly kill him afterwards!" Hearing this, the monk, who was bent on increasing his fame, roared out a vicious word.
This a finally all nodded his head.
After their vows, a group of robbery monks disguised as monks holding license plates talked eagerly here, making it more realistic, and everyone deliberately divided into several small groups, far away from each other
Soon, two monks flew over in no hurry. After they arrived, it was natural to greet everyone. However, when their words were not exported, more than a dozen robbery monks each waved their own proud instruments, which were huge and dazzling. Just for a moment, these two monks who really held the number plate were judged to be in a life-and-death crisis because they were under great pressure, and the number plate they owned was naturally left behind.
These two people didn’t understand the situation in a few minutes until they came out, which seemed quite confused!
Chapter DiSiQiSi ups and downs
Chapter DiSiQiSi ups and downs
But soon they were not confused, because they suddenly found themselves standing in the void and falling.
The place where they appear is not high, so they can’t be killed by a fall, but there are monks watching from all sides, and quite a few of them know each other and are very bad. If they fall, I’m afraid they won’t be laughed at.
The two men did have some means. At the moment, each of them had a streamer rushing out of the body, one by one, a white cloud, and a colorful bridge flying separately. They landed slowly and steadily on the ground with their feet.
Compared with many monks who got the license plate, this kind of reaction speed and adaptability is not inferior at all, but better than most. Naturally, the performance of the two people made many monks present look solemn.
The word "solemn" can’t be seen in the master body at the same level, especially in the opponent body at the same level, which can be regarded as the highest evaluation, because this means that the opponent regards himself as the most powerful enemy, and the monks are very sensitive. This change may not be noticed by ordinary people; But it’s clearer than putting it on them.
Unconsciously, a proud expression rose in the hearts of both of them. Although it is not superficial enough to show pride and look around, it is quite a bit arrogant.
At this moment, I feel that they feel more happy than their own advancement.
Everyone hopes that the happy time will last forever, but unfortunately, the development of things has never been dependent on personal factors, even if this person is a monk.
After they fell to the ground, they naturally reached out to their bags and tried hard to find the number plate and hang it around their waist, because the rest of the monks with the number plate did the same. There is no doubt that this is the most obvious symbol of status symbol to distinguish winners and losers.
This is a great opportunity to show up. Naturally, the two of them hope to add flowers to make themselves more eye-catching. It’s not that they are both superficial and vain, and they don’t know the benefits of modesty and low-key. Naturally, they have a way to practice until now and have been sent out by the Sect to participate in the hundred-year training quota competition.
They are doing this because their own strength has attracted the attention of many monks. The word "low-key" has already insulated the two of them. At this moment, it is not much to deliberately keep a low profile. On the contrary, continuing to be high-profile can still shock people’s hearts and suppress some people psychologically.
These two people’s minds can’t be said to be not careful enough to respond or not quick enough. Unfortunately, they don’t have the most important point of their eyes-the number plate.
The bag is different from the ordinary bag. It’s a monk’s longing for something. If you reach out and put it in your hand, it will naturally appear at the root of your hand, so you don’t care to find it. He is not in the blind spot, so you have to pour it out.
Therefore, if you can’t get what you want for the first time after putting your hand in the bag, it means that there are few other possibilities.
If it is something else, even if it is a magic weapon, the two people may not change color because of it, but this number plate is dry until they step into the ranks of high-ranking monks like then real people, but it is not for them not to panic.
This is normal, because people, including monks, have a psychological bottom line that they can’t bear. Once things go beyond this psychological bottom line, it is natural for them to have a psychological breakdown, and it is not surprising for them to behave strangely.
This is the case with these two people.
The two of them didn’t understand the situation at all, and they were ambushed and sent out of the palace, and they didn’t have the slightest preparation. If they were given a little reaction afterwards, even if it was only a few moments, they would have been able to think about it without encountering the situation, but it didn’t.
As soon as they came out, they were in a relatively "dangerous" situation, which forced them to concentrate on this aspect, so that they had no time to think about their surprise, and then they naturally followed this feeling because of their excellent performance.
If a person is unlucky at first or experiences failure at first, it will be difficult to be defeated even if he fails many times. However, if he fails suddenly in a situation that is close to success, it will be the biggest blow to a person. The situation of the two of them is even worse because they simply can’t have enough time to examine their own situation. In their hearts, they are winners themselves.
However, the winner’s body suddenly lost the sign that the winner should have, and the public should enjoy more attention. It turned into a mockery. Of course, it was unacceptable for both of them. So at this moment, both of them panicked and quickly plunged their minds into it to conduct a mercury-purging search.
The result remains the same.
If it were normal, they would have given up long ago, because it would really be a laughing stock to look for it again, but at this moment, they already don’t care. They will be willing to find the number plate in their hearts, even if they are despised by everyone.
At this moment, the two of them did something that monks can’t imagine. As soon as they turned their bags upside down, it was like a mortal constantly stirring up the sparse inside-like a flood, all kinds of things, such as instruments, pills, symbols, spiritual materials, spiritual grass, and so on, poured down and piled up two hills in an instant.
There is no doubt that it is necessary to pour things out and look for this moment. They still hold hope in their hearts in case they can’t get what they want in the bag. There is another possibility that this thing has been blocked by the master secret method.
The number plate is issued by the Five Elements Sect, and the body is a special instrument. The elders of the Five Elements Sect have set up some hidden secret methods in the face due to some unexpected factors, which is not impossible, although they know very well in their hearts that this possibility is really small and close to nothing, but it is their only hope, which is equivalent to a lifeline. Naturally, they are unwilling to give up.
It is obvious that these two monks have an adventure or have been supported by the sects. Their bottom is far beyond the imagination of ordinary monks. When this happens, many monks can’t help sighing and hungry. If they have a number plate in this mountain of treasures, they will certainly strut themselves in front of everyone to match their psychological tactics.
However, their sharp eyes have never found anything. At this moment, they hope that their eyesight can be almost worse, so that they may overlook something and make their expectations bigger.
At this moment, their hearts seemed to be flooded, and they kept sinking. At this moment, they were crazy, scratching and scratching their hands, trying to find that familiar figure or feel that special texture from the forest. Unfortunately, the reality is cruel. They flattened the two Baoshan mountains and mixed them together for a long time, and they couldn’t tell who was who, or they couldn’t find the number plate.
At this time, it is really a fantasy that there is no chance. In the face of such a result, they can also have a choice, that is, to accept their fate! At this moment, they don’t have the courage to look around, because in their hearts, they have thought that looking at their eyes will never have the slightest sympathy, even the monks who were close to them before, because they are competitors when they step into this valley.
Monks have more power than mortals, so they have to face another reality, that is, a more cruel world.
At this moment, their hearts are worse than suffering. They would rather be seriously injured by their opponents in the ring than have no door to step in like this.
They are all brilliant people. After such psychological ups and downs, it is natural that they have understood the situation. They also really know that they have failed. At this time, even if they say that they are not heartbroken, they are not much different. If they are not white, they will be even more humiliated if they are so depressed. They really want to stand here until they get rid of this shadow.
Chapter DiSiQiWu Easy
Chapter DiSiQiWu Easy