He doesn’t want to say it now and forces himself not to think about it!

The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. He doesn’t want to be disappointed again because he doesn’t know if he has the courage to come out again.
Even fangzhou saw that he didn’t want to say it, and he didn’t ask again and laughed excitedly. "Dr. Ding will go to our place to see it in person! When you get back, you should arrange it well! "
"Really!" Qin Feng’s eyes are bright, pleasantly surprised, which is really a great event!
"Nature is true, and I can still play jokes on you!" Even Fang Zhou said that the two men laughed at each other, and the heated discussion became more and more exciting.
After sending the quilt, the two men drove to the shop in Sifang Street.
According to Lian Ze, the decoration is almost finished, and some finishing touches are needed.
Even Fangzhou and Qin Feng went there to see the fruit, and they found that the inside and outside were completely new. Several workers were doing their work in an orderly way.
Even ze was very happy to see her sister coming, and took her back and forth and looked at the floor and said with a smile, "Day after day, you can do it!" Sister, I want Brother Jane to stay here with me for two days and we will go back together the day after tomorrow! "
Even Fang Zhou couldn’t help looking at Jane and smiling simply, "I’ll accompany him to go home the day after tomorrow if things happen at home!" "
If the cotton field is defended like that, and there are Ding Taifu and Su Jia’s titles, if she can’t protect it, she will be too much even Fangzhou!
Sister papers are coming to the end of the month. Oh, sweep the warehouses and see if there are any monthly tickets. Ha, don’t wave. Beg for monthly tickets. Chapter 394 Brother.
She nodded and smiled. "Well, in that case, you can go home the day after tomorrow! I’ll talk to Jane for a few words. You go ahead and get busy! "
Lian Ze and Qin Feng naturally don’t want to go to Lian Ze to supervise Qin Feng to accompany him.
Even Jane, who lives next to the magnolia tree in front of the warehouse in the backyard of Fangzhou, smiled at the past and asked, "Is it going well with Dr. Ding?"
"well! It’s smoother than I thought! " Even Fang Zhou’s eyebrows are bent with laughter.
There are some things that haven’t been decided yet, and she won’t tell anyone, but she can share them with Jane.
Jane was very happy to hear what she said. She laughed. "Che Er is very good and really smart. Although it is a little late, there will be no problem for the young students to succeed in some years’ exams. However, if you want to win the favor of Dr. Ding, you still have to get good grades and excel! I want you to talk to him in detail when you go back. On weekdays, you can let him learn from Sun and let Sun guide you! "
Even Fang Zhou couldn’t help laughing. "You’re the best! I didn’t even think so much about silly fun! Well, you’re right. Let Brother Sun give you some advice! Let Cher go home for an hour after school every day! "
Anyway, learning early now doesn’t delay him from going home.
Speaking of pointing out Lian Che, although even Hai is a scholar and closer to their home, it is more convenient, but they happen to coincide and even didn’t think of Lian Hai.
This is not only because his parents Lian Liqiao’s family is difficult.
Maybe subconsciously, they are not the same as Lian Hai, even though Lian Hai is not the same as his parents.
Jane suddenly glanced at her a little sourly. "Well, let Cher go every day! If it’s late, I’ll pick him up and go home. You don’t care at all here! You’d better not see that grandson again! "
Even Fang Zhou Zheng couldn’t help but smile and pick the corner of his eye and gently give him a look. "Are you drinking vinegar like this?"
"What else can it be!" Jane was not only generous enough to admit it, but also dissatisfied with Lian Fangzhou’s question. "Don’t, I don’t know what’s going on in that carefully!" A good scholar does not concentrate on preparing for the exam, but also follows the ground. I don’t believe it if he says that he has no idea to die! "
Even Fang Zhou was angry and funny. When did she know him so well? She hasn’t married him yet, but he’s getting wider and wider!
"People call this work and rest!" Even Fang Zhou couldn’t help but tell, "It doesn’t make much difference to read and die!"
"Don’t help him quibble!" Jane said, "I’ve never heard of work and rest. I know that after ten years of cold window, I have to persevere. I’ve heard of hanging beams, awls and thorns, and stealing the moon’s work. How can this be a dead reading?"
"…" Sure enough, the generation gap can’t be ignored. Even Fangzhou is too lazy to pester him at this end. "Forget it, I said, but you can do it, right? I’ll leave it to you to pick me up later, no matter what! I’m telling you, Mrs. Ding said she would visit us in person one day! "
"Really!" Jane laughed. "So we can be more at ease! Qin Feng and Su Ji should be properly arranged without any disrespect. "
Lian Fangzhou smiled and hesitated for a moment, then smiled and said, "Do you think I should let Cher meet Mrs. Ding tomorrow?"
Jane gave her a look and laughed. "I don’t think it’s necessary. Since Ding Taifu said that it would be unnecessary to let Che Er feel at ease to prepare for the exam after the birth test! Even if I see you at this moment, what can I do? "
Even Fang Zhou was relieved and laughed. "I also have such concerns! After hearing what you said, it should be! On that day, Che Er should learn or go to learn! "
Jane smiled at each other.
The two men said some other reluctant goodbyes.
At this time, neither of them knew that if Jane was present when she met Dr. Ding the next day, his identity might soon be revealed, and there would be no so much later.
But once this happens, even Fangzhou may not get married as scheduled, and he will hesitate to marry him and he will fall into the same dilemma!
But no matter what people want, if things still happen according to the original trajectory, no one can go back to that "if" past.
On the same day, when I went back to Qin Feng, I arranged with Su Ji and Lian Fangzhou for the next day. Mrs. Ding came to work and was busy until nightfall.
After dinner, even Fangzhou Texun Lianche spoke and told him the meaning of Ding Taifu in detail.
Lian Che’s eyes are bright and clear, and his face is a little red with excitement.
His eyes glistened and he looked at Lian Fangzhou in disbelief and asked, "Sister, is this true?"! Master Ding, did he really say that? "
Teacher, that’s waiting for God to be at the level, but I’ve been a teacher of emperors! This is naturally the most powerful teacher in the world. Otherwise, how could it be chosen?
Even Che never thought that such a heavyweight living at the altar would personally promise to show himself!
"Fool!" Even Fang Zhou couldn’t help but gently rubbed his little head and smiled. "When did my sister tell you this joke?" Of course, it really can’t be true! "
Watching Lian Che smile and even Fang Zhou judo, "Che Er, it’s up to you whether you can seize this good opportunity!"
Even when she felt great pride in her heart, she nodded. "Well, sister, I will definitely seize this opportunity! This is my sister’s hard work. I won it. I can’t let her down! I will definitely work hard! "
Even Fang Zhou was delighted and relieved at this and a little upset and added, "Che Er, you can be so considerate of your sister. My sister is very happy! But this kind of thing depends on fate. Even if it doesn’t work out in the end, it’s nothing! You may not be able to get better achievements in the future by working hard on your own! There is also a sister who hopes that you will firmly hold your dignity when you talk about it, don’t grovel, and don’t flatter yourself. There is nothing in this world worth giving up your dignity and getting you by flattering you. Is it white? "
Even if I don’t understand it, I still nodded and thought about it. "I know my sister, I will work hard, but if I still can’t get into the eyes of Dr. Ding, I will work harder!" What I want will depend on my own efforts, not others. Well, give alms, right, sister? Chapter 395 The county grandfather is here.
"Yes!" Lian Fangzhou laughed. "Remember what my sister said. When you grow up in a few years, you will naturally become white!"
Lian Che smiled cleverly and nodded and promised, "I always remember my sister’s words!"
The next afternoon, Taifu Ding came.