Chen Yan has studied the Sunflower Collection, and he knows all about exorcism swordsmanship. Plus, Chen Yan’s spiritual realm can easily see through the flaws of Lin Ping’s swordsmanship.

Sun Yat-sen’s previous body moved slightly to the left, just to avoid Lin Ping’s killer sword. Then Sun Yat-sen condensed all his strength and slapped Lin Ping in the chest.
The palm force erupts and the dark energy directly penetrates Lin Pingzang.
Lin Ping flew out and lay down with her eyes gradually losing their vitality.
Chen Yan felt weak and half kneeling to kill Lin Ping, and the palm exhausted all his strength.
Ning Zhong came over to help him and asked in panic, "How about Chen Yan?"
Chen Yanxiao said, "It’s nothing serious. I’m exhausted, Ning Xia. I’m weak and killed me. This devil is a rare opportunity now."
Ning Zhongze got red in the eyes and said, "Arihiko, what are you talking about? How could I kill you? "
Chen Yan said, "Don’t be angry. It’s a joke. Miss Ning Xia Yue has woken up. She has been lying for several months and will recover in a few days."
Chen Yan lives in Huashan and often cooks medicinal food for Yue Lingshan. She recovers quickly.
However, Yue Lingshan became silent and practiced his sword very hard.
A few years later
Yue Lingshan reached the realm of fencing master and took charge of Huashan Sect as the head of Huashan Sect.
Qu Feiyan, the founder of the Sun and Moon Shintoism, inherited the title of "Dong Fangbubai", and his skill of sunflower purification was unfathomable.
However, the "first day" master Chen Yan has never appeared in the rivers and lakes again.
I left him in the Wulin and said
Slay the dragon by leaning on heaven
Chapter 93 Zhou’s father and daughter
Before the sun came out in the morning, Zhou Wang took his seven-year-old daughter to fish in the river. Zhou Wang had no family to eat and live in. Small fishing boats were the property of Zhou’s family.
His daughter is clever and sensible, her eyes are clear and bright, but her hair is a little yellow and her head is thin and short. She looks like she is five or six years old, which is caused by malnutrition.
Seven-year-old girl’s fishing boat is skillful in sorting fishing nets, and she can tell at a glance that she does this kind of work every day.
"Zhi Ruo Dad wants to go online" Zhou Wangxiao said.
The little girl said, "Dad’s fishing net is ready."
Zhou Wang threw a net and felt heavy. He thought he must have gained a lot today, but he was surprised when he pulled up the fishing net.
"Is it a corpse?"
Zhou Wang’s eyes were frightened.
My little girl Zhire is even more afraid to look at her eyes.
Zhou Wang moved the "corpse" to the fishing boat and said, "If Zhi is not afraid to see him dressed as a Han Chinese and dead."
There is nothing to be afraid of the dead.
Zhou Wang touched the "corpse" and felt soft and warm.
"He’s not dead!"
At this moment, the "corpse" suddenly opened its eyes and sat up.
"Ah," Zhou Wang exclaimed, "Who are you, young man? How did it fall into the river? "
The young man said, "Chen Yan, I practiced in the water. I didn’t expect to be fished up by you. Today, my practice fell short."
Zhou Wang said in horror, "practise … practise? Hero, my daughter and I really didn’t mean to disturb your practice. We are fishermen. Please spare my father and daughter’s lives. "
Chen Yan said, "Don’t panic, brother. I don’t blame you. I don’t know if the boat can eat?"
The first two times I crossed Chen Yan were seriously injured, and this time Chen Yan was completely damaged. Chen Yan vaguely remembered that he was squeezed out by a powerful force and then came here.
Chen Yanyou guessed that maybe this place is no longer the the legendary swordsman world.
In order to hone his will and improve his spiritual realm, Chen Yan thought of a limit cultivation method, that is, lying at the bottom of the river and holding his breath and entering a deep sleep state.
This practice is really good, but it is very dangerous.
Chen Yan’s insides need to breathe again, no matter how powerful they are. Once the water is too long and he can’t wake up, he will really drown.
Zhou Wang said, "Do you have Zhiruo to go to the cabin and get some steamed buns?"
Little girl Zhi Ruo quickly brought some shriveled cold steamed buns.
Chen Yan asked, "Brother, if your daughter’s name is Zhi, isn’t it Zhou Zhiruo?"
Zhou Wang nodded. "Yes, Hero. Do you know my daughter?"
Zhou Wang wondered that it was impossible for her daughter to make a living with herself since she was a child. How did this young man with outstanding temperament know my daughter?
Chen Yanke shook his head and said, "I don’t know, thank you for your brother’s meal." Now Chen Yanke is sure where he has come.
After a busy day, Zhou Wang and Zhou Zhiruo’s father and daughter rarely even caught a big fish. Finally, Yan Yan caught a few big fish.
Chen Yan made a pot of nourishing fish soup in the evening. Zhou Zhiruo was very happy to eat it. Although she and her father fished every day, they haven’t eaten such delicious fish soup for a long time.
Fishing has to be taken to the market to sell, and in exchange for money to buy rice and salt, Zhou Wang and Zhou Zhiruo Gen can’t bear to eat their own good fish.
When Yan Yan saw that Zhou Zhiruo was satisfied with eating some fish soup, she felt distressed. My little girl was so cute and rare.
During the Yuan Dynasty, the Han people lived a very difficult life, and their social status was the lowest. It was enough for the Zhou Zhiruo family to infer what the Han people lived, saying that it was impossible to live in hell.
Zhou Wang’s hair is gray and his face is full of vicissitudes. It seems that he is very old. In fact, he is only in his thirties. In terms of age, he is only two or three years older than Chen Yan, but the difference between them is twenty or thirty years old.
Chen Yanxiu’s profound knowledge and skill in keeping in good health say that he is a teenager, and no one will disagree. Zhou Wang is an old man after all.
Looked at Zhou Zhiruo and said, "Brother Zhou Zhi should not stay in a small fishing boat all the time if he is too young. It’s better to live on the shore."
Zhou Wang sighed and his face was dark. "Chen Daxia, I have never considered these things. The land and forests on the shore are occupied by those masters. Poor families have no foothold. What’s more, we are still Han Chinese."
Chen Yanxiao said, "I’m a cosmopolitan family and I don’t have a place to live. I think the scenery on both sides of the river bank is a good place to settle down, so I’ll just build some houses on the shore. Brother Zhou, if you don’t dislike us, you can be a neighbor. Haha"
In ancient times, the natural ecology was not destroyed, and the trees were tall and many places were uninhabited. It was simple to build several wooden houses with wood.
Chen Yan has experience in building wooden houses. In less than half a day, three exquisite wooden houses stand halfway up the mountain.
The stone path extends all the way to the river to facilitate Zhou Wang to go fishing every day.