The thief’s pride was not produced in the original work. Because Xiang intervened, it was not only produced, but also gained by Asina through his suggestion. It is foreseeable that the speed of the sword will be comparable to that of Asina in the future
Of course, the butterfly slapped him hard and didn’t know what the consequences would be. Now he has just stepped into the bss room on the 25th floor.
The house was built with a cave model, except that the throne at the end of the house was piled up with black Shi Zhuan, and Shi Zhuan was never seen in the irregular round wall of the whole house with many torches inserted to bring enough light.
Xiang heard that the D Army Guild was fully staffed, and the Raiders Group eventually lived close to a team. You can imagine how tragic the battle was at that time, but now he still feels the sand resting on his feet on the cold ground, but he can’t see the slightest sign of tragic at that time.
Maybe there used to be a big pit everywhere, but now it is the same.
Although the light was enough, Xiang Xiang felt a little chilly quietly eroding his heart after thinking about it for a long time. He couldn’t help shivering and quickly walked to the door and finally glanced at the quiet and cold room. Only then did he push open the rough stone door and leave the place that had taken away more than 40 lives.
After leaving the bss room, it is a long corridor. Most mazes are wet, but the environment is different. The maze model on the 25th floor is dry cave style. When you look up, you can see sharp diamond-shaped stone pillars hanging upside down on your head. The only disadvantage of fighting in this environment may be that it blocks the line of sight and dust. After Xiang walks through the corridor, the field of vision is instantly open, but it is a wide area, but there are many stone pillars standing in this area.
Xiang just walked into this area when she heard a roar. A humanoid monster up to two meters tall strode out from behind a thick stone pillar. His latosolic red eyes stared at him and his attack was very strong.
Lv31 green-skinned maniac … one in number.
Xiang observed in situ that the mad man with green skin has a big belly and a cloth trouser pocket, and no metal can be seen anywhere except the giant iron mace with strong hand deterrence.
"The first choice for attacking parts is the belly!" Xiang thought for a moment and decided to focus on the abdomen.
Green-skinned maniac is active in attacking monsters, and the scope of hatred is very wide. No matter how many people look up and roar, they rush to Xiang.
"Hey!" three
Just as Xiang was preparing to fight, suddenly Qi Qi sounded three shouts, and his face could not help but change.
The number is four!
Chapter 47
The first person who appeared was the blue-skinned maniac striding across the mace. Suddenly, the red light flashed, but his wife’s fat body was approaching Xiang, which made him even have no chance to retreat.
Spikes and maces waved and screamed at Xiang’s head.
Xiang Lai’s not hesitating is to raise the light of pity and hold the mace firmly. Suddenly there is a loud noise in the wide and quiet cave.
Taking advantage of the fact that the green-skinned madman is caught in an attack and blocked by the grid, Xiang bends his knees slightly, raises the shield with one hand and drives the sword to pierce the green-skinned madman’s belly forever.
"ouch!" The symbolic scream of the green-skinned maniac is reduced by one tenth.
Xiang didn’t rush to attack again, but waited patiently to see if the green-skinned madman would use his attack method in one step. It is very important to know the monster pattern when hunting monsters, not only to avoid danger before, but also to fight with half the effort.
To his surprise, the first reaction of the green-skinned maniac after he recovered from being hard and straight was not to open his defense, but to continue to wave his mace and hit the shield as if the shield had a blood feud.
In the red light, accompanied by a loud noise, the mace was once again smashed. When pity Guangxiang couldn’t help frowning and raising the shield, he stabbed the green-skinned madman’s sword. At the same time, three roars were close at hand, and I hope that the other three green-skinned lunatics are not far away.
If he is only facing one head, he is very welcome, but now there are four heads and the green-skinned maniac is too big. If he is surrounded, it is not so easy to get out.
Can’t cater to this model …
Thinking of Xiang, he decisively withdrew his shield and retreated. The mace suddenly fell on the ground in front of him. A sand stone was splashed like a bullet by the mace, and several scars were scratched on Xiang’s cheek, which reduced his blood volume a little. At the same time, the dust slowly flew to the middle
"Good strength"
I didn’t feel anything when the shield was blocked, but I didn’t know how high the strength value of the green-skinned madman was until I looked at the effect of this hit. If I didn’t block the impact of the epidemic, I would definitely feel bad if I tried to block the green-skinned madman.
Xiang thought for a moment and gave birth to the idea of getting rid of the war, but he thought that he would face difficulties in the future, and he gritted his teeth and put out the idea of getting rid of the war.
"We must solve one first as soon as possible"
Xiang took the initiative to attack and bent over and rushed to the green-skinned madman. The dark blade crossed a black mountain and deeply penetrated into the green-skinned madman’s belly.
The blue-skinned maniac whined, and there was a flash of tyranny in his latosolic red eyes. Instead of swinging, he chose to clap his hand to Xiang.
Xiang didn’t realize that the attack mode of the green skin maniac was not waving a weapon and was suddenly slapped to the ground, and the blood volume was suddenly reduced by one-fifteenth
The heart beat faster and faster. Xiang quickly climbed up from the ground with a set of low-level sword skills. He made it smoothly, causing a lot of damage to the green-skinned madman. Seeing that the green-skinned madman has 10% blood left, he can get rid of it with more efforts, but the other three green-skinned maniacs are already one meter away.
In this battle, Xiang didn’t want to escape her eyes and stared at the injured blue-skinned maniac, while the other three blue-skinned lunatics rushed ahead.
Xiang’s eyes are full of malicious intent, but instead of retreating, he rushes towards the four-headed blue-skinned madman. If someone sees this scene at this moment, they will definitely yell crazy.