Load a wool!

Looking back at you, I haven’t seen this guy in a lonely night for a long time. It seems that the equipment has been replaced, which is better and the level is higher. I think this guy was separated from myself by a lot when I first met him.
At this time, you don’t see your face with a little anger.
be done for
"That what …" Lonely night licking dry lips to consider their own words.
"Why don’t you tell me? They came to see me. You don’t have to worry about friendship. I have no friendship with you, "Nie Shuang said coldly.
Yet a lonely night immediately turned into a smile and instantly converged. He stared straight at each other and stared at the sight … silent for a long time.
My eyes narrowed and I suddenly laughed at the lonely night. "Don’t you see that the other party said that it would block our performance …"
Lonely night talk once you say it, Nie Shuang’s original sulky face suddenly loosened and turned a little relaxed. He stood with one hand and said, "How can this sun do this …"
Since you didn’t see the entrance, the eyes of the scourge song have been on the other side. Although he was angry that the other side ignored him and regarded himself very much, what made him even more angry was that the guy actually called him "Sun"!
Wen Dian, okay?
"I say you don’t see you so carefree? Don’t look at the current situation? " Scourge song face hang some malicious LiXiao said
If it’s so fierce, normal people should turn around and start a normal conversation with others, right? But what makes the curse song toothache is that this gentleman does not see-
Fucking ignored him!
"Grass!" The scourge song mercilessly scolded 1, if this is not a safe area, he would have rushed to face you and disappeared.
"Why are you angry? Look at you. Sometimes we wait to chat and see if they pretend to be B?" Aside a level 60 crazy fighters go patting scourge song shoulder said with a smile
The weapon in this person’s hand is the famous Tai Dao in the whole Ska-Moonlight Mourning is a 55-level pink Tai Dao, which can increase skill damage, release speed, attack speed and movement speed. This person’s id Night Cloud Star is a master player of the North Beauty Guild and a veteran.
The scourge song looked sideways and it was really the best friend, Night Cloud, who came to comfort him. "That’s true. Well, we’ll just wait a little and watch them pretend to be B."
Without the scourge song, Nie Shuang also had leisure and lonely nights to chat with several people. In fact, as the scourge song said, it was really not leisure time. Nie Shuang frowned after learning the whole story …
The scourge song came to be prepared this time and was determined to kill himself. Although he can hide in the kingdom of Ska, he can’t hide from the fifteenth day. Things have to be solved.
] I’m sorry if you don’t see the team, everyone, because I caused your level to drop. I’ll take you back later
If the lonely night and others had nothing to do with Nie Shuang, they would not be relegated and equipped for Nie Shuang. This kind of tragedy is reasonable for Nie Shuang, and they make up for the loss.
[What are you going to do if you don’t see me in the lonely night? So it’s consumed? You don’t want the other person to, do you? After all, a guild is not to be taunted
[Team, don’t you see, well, I really don’t want to waste the scourge song to find something to solve, right? He wants to kill me, so I can’t let him kill you again, can I?
[Red-violet at the beginning of the team, I am so-called to accompany you.
After a long silence, the early red-violet quickly answered the words, which made Nie Shuang slightly surprised. He raised his head and looked in the direction of the early red-violet. His deep eyes were like waterfalls, his hair was delicate and flowery, his face was full of purples, and his figure was graceful and graceful.
How do you think Chu Honglian is also a beauty?
It seems that I realized that there was something wrong in my words. At the beginning of the taste, Red-violet hurriedly explained when things were not finished-
[Red-violet at the beginning of the team, anyway, it’s so-called that the level is fast with you, and playing a game is so boring.
Nie Shuang doesn’t know when red-violet had such a cognition of the game, but she couldn’t get over the fact that she was "abandoned" playing a game for a long time. Now it’s easy to talk.
Wanted to think Nie Shuang answered-
] I don’t want you to suffer because of my business.
] Speaking of lonely nights on the team, I want to ask you what you can do to provoke a player of the 60-level North Beauty Guild. And he seems to have a deep hatred for you. What did you do to him?
This ….. is what Nie Shuang wants to know.
At first, he didn’t know much about the scourge song. He was just passing by, and the other party stabbed him, and even more than seven times later, he also stared at him closely. Now he is aggressive with a group of people. What kind of hatred does he have for himself? What kind of resentment does he have with him?
Nie Shuang also wants to know
] I don’t know if I see the team. I met him on the road when I went to a map, and then he killed me seven times. I was caught by him for detouring. I also want to know what he chased me …
The words directly made a group of people talk on a lonely night.
I don’t know what was killed when I was killed. According to you, two people caught him and killed him before they even met each other. If Nie Shuang had a mocking face, it was a curse song. This guy had a hole in his head …
Seven people were demoted and lost their equipment because of themselves. Although they didn’t say it verbally, Nie Shuang was a little sad and unwilling in their faces, especially because they were not familiar with broken watermelons and pears. Fortunately, my sister seemed to be lenient and didn’t blame Nie Shuang too much for this disaster, but they called Nie Shuang very sorry.
With a slight sigh, Nie’s hands quickly moved to several people’s mailboxes and sent 1 gold coin per person to compensate for the loss of so many gold coins and equipment.
[Team, don’t you see it? It’s compensation.
When the gold coin was sent, I received several emails. I opened it and saw that it was a lonely night, the early red-violet and the painting floor. Three people came back and shook a gold coin. Everyone left a message-
Gawk for a while and then looked up at the lonely night. Nie Shuang, the three men, took a deep breath and closed the mail and turned to face the North Beauty Association.
Hee hee smiled and looked at Nie Shuang, a group of people, not only from the North Beauty Guild, but also from the surrounding players. Without exception, they all regarded Nie Shuang as a clown.
A level 4 rookie is extremely arrogant and rampant in front of the North Beauty Association. Isn’t this a death wish? Isn’t this sick?
"That little costume B is long enough. I think there are also many running errands for np in Ska Kingdom. It’s a little slow, but it’s always better to be killed, isn’t it?"
"Yeah, what are they talking about? Isn’t it the last words? Haha … The game won’t really die. It is said that the North Beauty Guild is really barren and domineering! "