After listening for a long time, Ye Yining finally interjected, "Director Hua grew up in several countries and may not know much about the modern history of the East and the development of social sciences."

Hua Zhen trip "Officer Ye, can you elaborate?"
Wang Fengshou aside corners of the mouth slightly become warped as if he had heard something wonderful. He was expecting Wenmanman’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled, a face of thinking and listening attentively. Shi Shuangcheng also frowned slightly as if he were awkward.
Aden looked as if he didn’t understand what they were saying. Lang Xiaomin took a glance at Ye Yining and shook his head imperceptibly with a wry smile.
Ye Yining just said it fluently, thinking and saying at the moment, "As far as I am concerned, Confucian culture has become the mainstream belief in society in the long feudal era, which has not only imprisoned ideas, but also greatly hindered the development of science and technology."
Continued to modern times, the Eastern society has been extremely backward and degraded, and the western semi-colonial Confucianism has not adapted to modern industrial literature, which has long been swept into the historical garbage dump and has no value to pick up. "
Hua Zhen line and ask eyes to NiuPing NiuPing cough a "leaf pool speak these also have to calculate the fact.
Since the Song Dynasty, Confucianism has developed, and Confucianism has indeed become very rigid. The formation of patriarchal society on this basis has also greatly hindered the progress of literature. "
Lang Xiaomin finally couldn’t help saying, "Teacher Niu can speak more thoroughly. Many questions can be traced back to Dong Zhongshu’s time, but it’s not the same thing for you to talk to General Manager Hua!"
Ye Yining wondered, "Why is it not the same thing? What are you talking about?"
"Hua Zhen trip" logically says that both Mr. Niu and police officer Ye attribute what happened in reality from the results. There may be many factors, but you attribute it to one of them and think it is the main factor.
To analyze the problem, we need to deduce it from the correct logic of Confucian argument to see if it will inevitably lead to the result just mentioned. If external factors change, can other results be deduced?
In this way, I can get a result attribution model that can’t stand the argument.
Looking at the contemporary history of the world, from military colonization to economic colonization, political, military, economic and cultural restraints and imprisonments have become unprecedented.
Except for the industrialized western powers, the developed countries or regions can smoothly accept industrial culture, and there is hope to complete industrialization and modernization. No matter what system is implemented, almost everything is within the scope of Confucian cultural circle.
Of course, this also includes the attribution model mentioned by Dongguo. I don’t want to prove anything, just give the same example.
I really want to know whether the ideal of a well-off society and a harmonious society in the East is inherited from it. Why did the new Eastern countries accept socialist ideas so smoothly and complete social transformation so quickly?
Many easterners may take all this for granted, but looking at the world will find it difficult!
Where does the consensus that everyone has social responsibility for heaven come from? What is self-realization is debated endlessly today, but East China has long had the path of consensus, knowledge, sincerity, integrity, self-cultivation, keeping the family in order, governing the country and calming down the sky.
Because of this, there was no root cultural conflict when the East introduced Marx and Engels’ theory to carry out land reform, but it awakened the consensus of Datong’s ideal society. It has to be said that great men are great men
However, people in the whole black and barren mainland of China don’t even think about it. I have another question. Since Teacher Niu and Police Officer Ye just said so, why does Dongguo go overseas to set up a high school? "
Zu Kefu, the source of Qiu Zhe’s Confucianism, inherited from Qiu Dongguo. In recent years, many Qiu Colleges have been set up overseas, which is one of the few cultural export means.
Director Niu was speechless for a moment, but he still had to answer, "Qiu College teaching is not feudal Confucianism, but China’s excellent unified culture. It may have been successful in some places, but it did not meet expectations as a whole."
Hua Zhenxing sighed with emotion, "Yes, the Ministry hasn’t straightened out yet. How can it be successful to export with all kinds of tears?" Let’s not talk about this for the first time and say that there is anything wrong with this material. Teacher Niu can point it out. "
Niu Ping’s thought is not mature Confucianism, but simple and original Confucianism.
Is the trip to Hua Zhen really that original? You should have seen that in the end, it also derived the labor theory of value officially recognized by the East China, and also derived the social values of the industrial age. Can you tell me what is wrong with the derivation of this ideological body? "
It’s really hard to pick out which sentence is wrong from this learning material, but Niu Ping always feels that any key problem has been ignored for a while, but he can’t figure out what the problem is.
At this moment, one of the most unexpected listeners suddenly listened to Aden thoughtfully and said, "I don’t know exactly what you are arguing about, but I am familiar with this learning textbook and have learned it from beginning to end."
It’s very simple. It’s just to teach people how to behave and do things. The new alliance has established a new order and eliminated gangs. There are many things to do in the future. I think this textbook is to tell everyone why we should do this.
The world is too complicated for me. I think this textbook is very helpful to me. It tells me how to think about something when we meet it. What is the reason why we say it is right or wrong?
I met the old man Ke, and he told me that this is the source of the text. "
Ye Yining curiously took the document and read it. "What are you talking about? Didn’t Brother Niu just say that the general manager of China is organizing societies to broadcast Confucianism in private universities of Confucianism?
I am a little surprised that Chunhua can learn a lot. If you have more knowledge, you must learn these things that are long out of date and even feudal and decadent. "
Wang Fengshou finally said, "It’s not that they went astray, but that you didn’t go in Aden. It’s not that the people of the East don’t know much about the history of the East. The problem is intuitive."
Director Hua is not from China either. He grew up in Guinea, but he is different from Aden. Now he wants to ask, but he can sum up a sentence-what is the difference between East China and Guinea?
This textbook is a training course for the new alliance in Guinea. General Manager Hua did not explain why Guinea wanted to teach these things, but wanted to ask Dong why not teach them. After he came to the Eastern Kingdom, neither himself, Kirion, Zhegaus, Leiwente, etc. received such education.